Professional Events: The Key To Success!

Whether you are a marketing manager, an elected CSE or an event project manager, you know that every detail counts for a successful professional event. The slightest grain of sand can quickly tarnish the experience of participants and jeopardize your entire organization. Also in order not to risk the odds, it is better to be well prepared, creative and not to skimp on the quality of the services!

Congresses, seminars, or team-building: the different types of professional events

We can first of all categorize two main families of professional events: internal, intended to welcome the company's employees, and external, intended for customers or prospects.

Internal events

A company is alive and so are the employees! The motivation of employees, their commitment to the values ​​of the company, their well-being, all of this necessarily depends on the management policy but also on the quality of the services offered to employees outside of work.

There is nothing worse than absenteeism during a company event or employees who drag their feet… Bring pleasure, fun and inspiration for your colleagues, everyone will grow out of it and employees will become the best corporate ambassadors!

Company congresses

This is the high mass of a group or a company, aimed at sharing with great fanfare the new products, innovations or guidelines for the future of the brand. A word of advice: select dynamic, punctual speakers and plan videos for more dynamism in the presentations.


Seminars are then less formal gatherings, often in the form of weekends or short stays. They combine work meetings with practical cases or team-building workshops, and moments of discovery, sport or relaxation.

Incentives and team-building

To break the monotony and promote cohesion in the company, the ideal is finally to show creativity and multiply initiatives. Breakfast, afterwork, video game evening, escape game, place your bets!

External events

External events also have a clearly more commercial aim, the idea here is to retain or convert prospects to your values ​​and services.

Open doors

Open doors allow your customers to discover you in a privileged and controlled environment. Organize your showroom by planning kakemonos and presentation videos and take care of the storage of offices, it's time to present the team to create a strong bond with your customers!


Last unmissable professional event, trade shows allow you to display yourself in a limited space but with a lot of traffic and potentially visibility. To face the competition, take care of the presentation of your stand, display your colors, the most beautiful smiles of your company and bring out a good champagne accompanied by appetizing appetizers!

4 points for a successful professional event

1. Anticipate and plan your event

Take advantage of collaborative tools like Doodle to mobilize your colleagues, create scenarios and assign tasks. Carefully list and check each item on your to-do list and plan the entire course of the event in detail.

2. Choose your suppliers and take care of the services

Choice of location, sound system, the memory of a professional event also depends a lot on the dishes offered: the participants, employees or customers, will be much better disposed after a delicious buffet accompanied by a tasting of vintage champagnes for example!

3. Communicate: before, during and after the event!

Finally, communication is essential for the success of your corporate event. Teasing, sending invitations, confirming reservations or registrations, you must also stay connected with the participants during the event. Collecting contacts, opinions, communication on social networks, your event will become a real driving force for your business!

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