Postal Mailing: Should Paper Mailing Still Be Used For Business Communication?

Since the launch of the Internet at the end of the last century, our world has changed a lot. This manifests itself in our most mundane everyday gestures, at home and at work. Indeed, from their earliest years, today's children are immersed in a digital world that becomes a little more present every day. One could therefore think that the paper mailing for business communication is completely outdated. Well think again!

What is postal mailing?

Postal mailing, or paper mailing, is one of the most effective marketing techniques for entering into a direct relationship with a client or prospect. The idea here is to send a letter, a leaflet, a brochure or any other document by post, directly to the address of your target. This technique, also known as direct mail, was for a long time the only way to create a direct and personal link with the target, but today, digital technology is revolutionizing practices.

Indeed, the Internet today offers companies the possibility of developing relationships in a simpler and more automated way, thanks to the networks. Many therefore thought that the paper mailing for business communication had fizzled out and that this long-essential tool had become obsolete. However, this is not the case, because if their use has evolved, your commercial envelopes still have an essential interest in your strategies of conquest and loyalty.

On the interest of direct mail

It must first be understood that direct mail, once banal and almost invasive, has now become, through its supposed obsolescence, a unique way for businesses to stand out. Indeed, from now on, no one receives hundreds of catalogs of promotions, sales or reductions each month, as was the norm in the past. Thus, for the customer, receiving this mark of attention from a company represents a real pleasant surprise.

In addition, the paper mailing for corporate communication has also become, through its rarity, a lever for loyalty or high-end and prestigious conquest. The recipients of these direct mail campaigns therefore see themselves as privileged individuals and, touched by the marked consideration of their favorite brand for them, will thus immediately transform themselves into potential buyers!

Properly design your paper mailing strategy for business communication

However, if the paper mailing for business communication can indeed prove to be a real tool for differentiating from the competition as well as a tool at the service of your commercial success, the fact remains that the design of such campaigns must follow specific rules. We first recall that the postal mailing must be distinguished by its elegance and therefore that the choice of envelopes is essential.

This is why we invite you to visit the website, which specializes in packaging but also communication. Here you will find high quality envelopes, able not only to protect your shipments but also to optimize them by offering them, through the quality of the packaging, an extra distinction. Also remember to choose your formats, colors and type of flaps carefully to ensure the harmony of your strategic tools!

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