Organize A Team Building: Waste Of Time Or Good Idea?

In today's world, managerial techniques tend to offer new ways to unite teams around common objectives while maximizing the well-being of their employees. It is widely accepted today that a company should care as much about internal communication as about its growth. Staff morale is indeed a factor limiting productivity but can also be a vector of dynamic creativity when it is well managed.

Thus, team building has become an institution in the operation of most companies, especially those in the digital sector. This particular space-time would allow employees to flourish in a new and stimulating environment and would promote the resolution of conflicts within companies. It is also credited with stimulating properties that would facilitate innovation and creativity, by promoting new ideas and entrepreneurial attitudes, but some criticize it for its angelic vision of work, which is sometimes a little childish. So, organizing a team building, is it a good idea? Answers.

What is team building?

Appeared in the mid-1980s, team building is a managerial technique that aims to strengthen the links between the different members of a team. The sessions generally take place in particular places where the collaborators of the company can forget, for a time, the hierarchical rigidity of their company. Accompanied by specialist coaches, participants are placed in new situations that allow them to discover themselves and collaborate differently.

A Japanese calligraphy workshop, a Moroccan cooking class or a skydiving course, the modalities of these sessions are very diverse and generally flexible to adapt to the desires of the company and its specificities. Organizing a team building, according to Julien Foussard and his website, is above all to offer a different space to its collaborators, to free speech but also creativity and desires. of employees, thus allowing to meet various objectives for the company.

What is his goal?

For a company, organizing a team building requires some thought before choosing the location and the specifics of the session. As its name suggests, team building is above all a method that allows you to manage a company by strengthening the cohesion of the team around the idea of ​​belonging. For this, collective sports activities or enriched board games are ideal. Managers also see it as an opportunity to build team loyalty. A relaxing team building, including for example massages and walks in the forest, increases the recognition of the team for its hierarchy.

The objective can also be to streamline the company's internal communication. This central aspect in the success of any project is often minimized while allowing everyone to express their point of view is essential in the success of any collective ambition. A role play, collaborative practices or artistic expression are then all indicated to promote the emergence of speech within the group and to perpetuate the link between individuals.

The pitfalls to avoid to organize a successful team building

Contrary to popular belief, organizing a team building requires some planning. The success of a session is often due to the anticipation of the objectives. Indeed, not defining a goal to reach is the best way to miss the possibilities offered by this kind of event. Know how to analyze the needs of your team and focus on providing them with what they need to reunite the team around the identity of the company.

In addition, it is essential not to look at the expense. Team building should be seen as a long-term investment and its relevance often stems from future successes for the company. Thus, the organization must be millimetered, which is why it is strongly recommended to contact professional structures that will welcome and support your teams and allow you to benefit from an interesting return on investment.

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