Optimizing After-Sales Service And Customer Relations In E-commerce, What Solutions?

While digital enables an unprecedented explosion in the diversity of the offer, most sectors of activity are faced with a gigantic increase in contenders for success. Beyond the quality of the service or the product offered, the difference for the consumer lies more and more in the optimization of the after-sales service and the improvement of the user experience, two strategic areas of progress for companies.

Indeed, the smoothing of the offer and the great diversity of offer for the consumer gives him a much more comfortable position to select his commercial partner. With this ability to choose, he can easily change supplier on details that are not. Delivery, expert advice or ease of navigation are therefore now essential parameters for positioning yourself favorably in your sector of activity. Here is how to optimize after-sales service and customer relations in e-commerce for companies.

Optimizing after-sales service and customer relations, a profitable strategy to stand out

For the companies of today and tomorrow, the future will undoubtedly be written on the networks. While physical stores and brick-and-mortar businesses certainly still have good cards to play to ensure their survival, the rise of e-commerce, coupled with rapid technological change, will make the web and networks essential passage points for companies, which will necessarily have to prove themselves in digital to exist. Optimizing after-sales service and customer relations should therefore be a priority in order to assert itself and stand out. Customer experience and satisfaction will undoubtedly be the drivers of business expansion and must therefore be the subject of specific analyzes and actions. Knowing what the customer wants and offering them immediately, advising them for future purchases or guiding them when browsing the site are essential actions. And that's the whole point of the chatbot.

The customer relationship chatbot, the future of the link

To optimize after-sales service and customer relations, the chatbot is an important weapon. This program, capable of responding to consumer questions and expectations, offers the possibility of automating part of the customer relationship, particularly for recurring and general questions. It also makes it possible to reduce the contact rate and thus save money on the relational service, and all this while operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The chatbot was, in its beginnings, quite rudimentary, and let's face it, not very efficient. But today, with advances in artificial intelligence and natural language, it can add real added value to the customer experience, who sees it as a means of advice and suggestion. Conversations between humans and machines are getting sharper and the relevance of the program's responses continues to grow, providing an increasingly engaging personalized context for the user.

The future of customer relations

Customer relations will be the richest testing ground for the next few years. The quality of products tending to smooth out in many sectors, it is by being the most capable of responding to consumer demands that the most ambitious companies will stand out. Some have already set up a free trial with no conditions of purchase or delivery by drone, mechanisms which make it possible to optimize after-sales service and the customer relationship in a significant way. The customer relationship chatbot is also one of the tools that will optimize the user experience. In this area, the simplification of processes is a priority. Thus, mobile payment has a bright future ahead of it. By facial, voice or digital recognition, it will be increasingly easy to pay and therefore easier for marketers to play on impulse buying. In addition, many turnkey e-commerce solutions tend to emerge, further proof if needed that the customer experience will be the real high value-added product of tomorrow.

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