Node.js: Why Is It A Flagship Language On The Market In 2022?

Many people today want to break into the web development professions. Sector in full growth, in particular because of the importance that the Internet has taken on in our daily lives, jobs related to programming attract all generations of workers. Whether you are in professional retraining or are a recent graduate looking for your first job as a web developer, mastering languages ​​is surely part of the qualifications you have. Node.js is one of the flagship programs for entering the job market in 2020. In order for you to acquire all the essential skills to program with ease, learning Node.js will be the best initiative to take.! Find out why.

Significant speed for quality programming

Node.js is a particularly fast and efficient language, according to the companies that use it. Indeed, this program is used by a significant number of employers, within the framework of the creation of network applications. The reason for this speed is the fact that Node.js has a non-blocking operation thus allowing a server to execute a large number of requests simultaneously.

Node.js is based on the open source V8 engine, the one created by Google and used in the Chrome browser to transform JavaScript code into code understandable by a server. It is also based on the libuv library which makes it possible to abstract the management of a thread pool for the developer so that the node code can execute asynchronous requests while remaining non-blocking.

In addition, the various common tasks performed on web applications – such as writing or reading in network connections – are done with unparalleled speed thanks to Node.js. For those with a good knowledge of JavaScript, Node. js will prove to be easy to learn, as it is based on this language. They will be able to write applications in full control on Node js. Free software in JavaScript that integrates an HTTP server, Node.js allows you to process a large volume of data simultaneously without any bugs and without waiting times. Applications can thus deal with several requests in parallel with results.

Great possibility of extension

Another reason why Node.js is in the top languages ​​to master for 2020 will be its all-important extensibility. Indeed, programmers can integrate the program with various useful tools thus making its customization quite possible. Whether for data migration, module consolidation, process management or frontend development, deployment monitoring and troubleshooting, unit testing, etc. you can integrate Node.js with various programs.

For example, you can add Node.js to Jasmine to perform unit tests or complete the program with specific frameworks like Meteor, Nest, Koa, etc. This feature will thus allow web developers to have full use for the various creations of web applications to be started. The various possible extensions make it an excellent tool!

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