Mod'Verre: All Types Of Bottles!

The packaging and the container are essential elements of a product. A type of product is suitable for a specific type of bottle, for example. ModVerre offers different types of bottles going with different products and affecting different sectors of activity. The choice is diverse and is made according to your needs!

Glass bottles

Of course, ModVerre is a specialist in glassware. It is therefore quite normal to find different types of glass bottles there. Note that glass is the essential bottle for perfumeries. The whole field of beauty and well-being also loves this alternative.

In this context, the choice is also multiple. Clearly, Modverre offers:

– White glass bottles – Amber glass bottles – Blue glass bottles – Green glass bottles or dropper bottles (for essential oils)

Besides these choices, other selections are also available:

– Bouillote bottles in white glass with perfume spray – Blue glass or orange blossom bottles – Traditional glass bottles or Emeri stoppered bottles

In addition, the bottles are offered with their accessories. We are talking in particular about caps such as tamper-evident caps, alcohol or oil droppers, caps with child safety, Roll On, ballpoint or spray.

plastic bottles

A wide range of choices is also offered on Modverre regarding plastic bottles. Besides, there are many choices:

– Polyethylene (PE) bottles – Polypropylene (PP) bottles – Stretched polyethylene (PET) bottles – High density polyethylene (HDPE) bottles – Low density polyethylene (LDPE) bottles

Of course, the colors offered are also varied. You can choose widely according to your needs. In any case, you always have the guarantee of the quality of the final result. The recurring and most used colors are PET Crystal, PET Blue, PET Amber and opaque White PET.

The references are truly numerous. It is important to meet the ModVerre team for information and details on a specific reference. Between plastic jars, syrup bottles or even cosmetic bottles, the choice is truly wide.

Aluminum bottles

In addition to glass bottles and aluminum bottles, ModVerre also offers aluminum bottles. This is a choice for those looking for solidity. If you want robust content for your “juices”, then this is the perfect choice.

Again, the choice is very varied. Between aluminum bottles, aluminum cans, jars and aluminum boxes, you have a wide choice that will necessarily suit your activities. The choice is very varied and deserves explanation with the ModVerre team if you ever have specific questions on the subject.

In all cases, aluminum cans can hold up to 12 liters with optional interior varnish. The field of perfumery and cosmetics will also find a more than interesting attraction in aluminum jars and bottles!

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