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As the hotel, restaurant and bar sectors run at low speeds during this period of globalized health crisis, it becomes essential for them to select suppliers of high quality kitchen equipment at reduced prices in order to be able to furnish their premises. The crisis is for many synonymous with financial losses, but it is also a break in activity, which makes it possible to re-equip and prepare for the arrival of better days.

To stay the course and maintain their momentum, many restaurateurs, hoteliers or bar managers therefore prefer to focus on optimizing their services, to be ready when the time comes to return to work. Equipment suppliers must therefore be present at their side to support them. This is exactly the policy of Maxima Kitchen which, not content with offering high quality equipment, is currently displaying great promotions. Explanations.

A supplier of high quality kitchen equipment for professionals

Based in the Netherlands but with a vocation to serve the interests of all catering professionals on the planet, the kitchen designer Maxima Kitchen has made the supply of high quality kitchen equipment its field of excellence, and this since over 40 years. This long experience has enabled it to position itself preferentially on this competitive market but also and above all to refine its offer to be ever more in tune with the real needs of professionals.

The quality of its equipment, its ability to adapt to ever-changing needs, and also the desire to offer top-of-the-range tools at an affordable price range are the main reasons for its international success. With them, you can find all the equipment necessary for your activity. From the simple dough sheeter to the most specialized cooking equipment, their catalog is extraordinarily diverse!

Everything you need for your catering business

Privileged contact for professionals in the catering, hotel or bar sectors, Maxima Kitchen has developed a complete range of high-quality kitchen equipment to enable all those involved in this protean world to meet their needs via a single vendor. Its aim is to offer everything an entrepreneur in the sector needs to fit out his kitchen, including refrigeration and cooking facilities, dishwashers and even simple but essential tools such as a mixer.

In addition, the brand does not forget to include all bar equipment in its catalog. Coffee grinder, percolator, citrus press or even ice maker are available here at a lower cost. You can also find all the stainless steel accessories, from the oven rack to the serving trolley, as well as the essential accessories that will keep your dishes warm, such as bain-maries, plate warmers or soup pots.

A complete and economical range of equipment

At Maxima Kitchen, the priority is to offer a range of high quality kitchen equipment but always at a lower cost. In this difficult period for many entrepreneurs in the sector, the brand, faithful to its principles, is therefore contributing to the war effort by offering exceptional promotions on many products. Black Friday is, for example, the opportunity to take advantage of a 10% discount on your purchases, a significant boost in this period of generalized crisis!

If the price is important for the buyers, the quality is not less. With Maxima Kitchen, they will be sure to benefit from an offer that is always at the cutting edge of technology. The brand is indeed known for its ability to explore, find new products and make them available to professionals at affordable prices.

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