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With the upheavals linked to the introduction of digital technology into business practices, marketing and advertising as a whole are changing. The almost universal possession of a smartphone by each of our fellow citizens has profoundly transformed the means of communication between a company and its customers and offers new channels to be exploited to attract ever more prospects and maximize conversions.

If the SMS has become an essential weapon of corporate communication, it is still necessary to have the means to use them. The development of marketing campaigns requires the use of suitable software, capable of maximizing the visibility of companies by offering a simple, effective and wide-ranging service. With CleverSMS, it is a turnkey solution, permanently available for marketers whose simple interface will allow them to send and receive SMS, emails and to link companies to their customers. Explanations.

The advantages of SMS in marketing

Sending and receiving SMS is part of the daily life of all French people today. Thus, companies seeking to maximize their visibility and maintain a strong link with their core target must use this channel to occupy the field and remember the good memories of its users. Online SMS mail has therefore become an essential part of a good expansion strategy for companies. However, the development and distribution of the various promotional campaigns are often very time-consuming.

Indeed, the creation and sustainability of a strong bond with its customers requires constant attention. Whether it's an advertising campaign, a targeted marketing operation or a reminder of an anniversary date, sending SMS or emails requires significant work, due to the necessary customizations or the selection of the targets to be reached. In addition, campaigns can be sometimes personalized, sometimes aimed at mass distribution. The tasks to be performed then become too important to do without a platform for sending and receiving SMS.

CleverSMS, the professional platform specializing in SMS management

To perfect and optimize your digital strategy, using the services of a platform specializing in sending and receiving SMS has become essential. With the CleverSMS solution, you benefit from the expertise and professionalism of an experienced team that will take care of the management and delivery of your professional SMS. Its clear interface allows you to integrate predefined texts into your mailings, to plan campaigns on specific dates and thus to maintain a valuable link with your customers.

If the platform allows you to send and receive SMS anywhere in the world using a simple connection, it also facilitates the analysis of your action thanks to tools that are easy to use and quick to set up. Following a massive SMS campaign or after sending SMS emails to your multiple targets, for example, the platform provides you with all the statistics concerning your actions to refine your strategy and thus automatically maximize your ROI.

CleverSMS, texting and much more…

In addition to managing all of your SMS communications, the platform can also take care of the distribution of emails to smartphones of course, but also other communication tools such as automatons or business applications through the classic SMS vector.. These mailing campaigns allow you to reach an even larger audience, especially since CleverSMS provides its customers with lists of publishers and partners who use the service.

You can also personalize your emails by changing the phone number displayed on the recipient's screen to your company name and attaching Excel files, for example. Above all, the platform interfaces with all of your digital optimization tools, applications, CRM, ERP or CAPM, etc. With CleverSMS, sending and receiving SMS becomes simpler, more efficient and allows you to reach an audience always wider through emails but also voice messages, faxes, computers and tablets. The assurance of gaining visibility at a lower cost!

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