Lone Worker: How to Prevent Risks?

For any business leader, it is essential to worry about the safety of his employees. This is all the more important if you have lone workers, a situation which makes their job even more dangerous. The dangers are indeed multiplied in their case. To limit the risks, here is some information on your obligations, the means to put in place to improve the safety and hygiene of your isolated workers.

A protection device: DATI and PTI application

As a responsible employer, you must put in place one or more systems that allow you to identify and above all limit the various risks to which your workers are exposed. To do this, you can choose an alarm device specially designed for lone workers : the DATI device.

The choice of DATI

Before making your choice, take the time to carefully assess the most suitable solution for the potential workplace accidents of your employees. As can be seen on the Neovigie site, the DATI box must indeed meet the extreme conditions of professional activity. Prefer portable, resistant and configurable boxes according to the work to be carried out. DATIs that offer a remote assistance system are to be favoured. The remote assistance centers have a qualified and responsive team, available 24 hours a day to respond to the various problems of your isolated employees.

A SaaS alert solution allows you, for example, to ensure the safety of your workers, thanks to a secure platform hosted in the Cloud. With an alert device equipped with a PTI application available for smartphones, and a box for sending alerts, you can intervene quickly in the event of a problem.

PTI and DATI: how does it work?

The device is generally equipped with a button; lone workers simply press it and an alarm is automatically triggered. They can therefore easily give the alert in the event of discomfort, a fall or any other accident. The device automatically makes an emergency call, and once the call has been identified, it is easy to detect the origin of the alarm thanks to geolocation. Those alerted are immediately notified.

The use of a DATI device and the functionalities of the PTI application therefore allow you to ensure an intervention in a short time. Better support for your isolated employees will be effective.

Primary prevention: employee selection and training

To prevent, eliminate or reduce the dangers to which lone workers are exposed, you can draw up a list of high-risk positions. In the event of an accident, it will be easy for you to intervene quickly and reduce the duration of intervention in a state of isolation.

After detecting these positions, it is imperative to properly train your isolated workers, even before they take up their duties and before entrusting them with any task in a high-risk area.

For upstream prevention, you must also carefully select your workers. This step allows you to remove from your activity any depressed, anxious, alcoholic, or any worker with a proven pathology, such as a cardiovascular problem.

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