Logistics: Have Packaging Machines Become Indispensable?

The health crisis has led to a growth in online orders and it is very likely that these new buying habits will continue. The use of robots and packaging machines is increasingly used to meet this new logistics. Here is some information on the usefulness of these different packaging machines.

The automatic strapping machine

The strapping machine is a machine that combines the crimper and the tensioner. It increases productivity and is available from specialized manufacturers such as the Bulteausystems.com site, packaging expert. The operation consists in making the packages more compact in order to facilitate their handling. The straps thus make it possible to optimize the closing of the cartons. Therefore, there is no risk of packages accidentally opening during transport.

The strapping machine is therefore a semi-automatic filming method that is now essential. It is available in several models: the semi-automatic version, portable manual strapping machines, automatic strapping machines and pneumatic strapping machines. These have a compressed air connection.

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As useful as the strapping machine, the wrapping machine makes it possible to film batches of parcels or pallets for their packaging. The objective is to ensure their tightening as well as their stability. A stretch film protects these pallets and packages. However, it should be noted that the choice of this machine varies according to certain conditions.

In practice, the wrapping machine works by performing rotary movements. Packaging procedures can be performed semi-automatically, autonomously or manually. The device consists of a plate and an arm. The first has the role of supporting the load while the second supports the commands.

Wedging devices

Wedging devices are used to protect the products to be delivered during handling. They help make cushioning paper versatile, durable and recyclable. Paper is preferred for wedging because of its many advantages. It makes it possible to protect the products in the event of an impact. Technically, the folded paper serves as wedging and padding for packages. To better absorb shocks, multi-layer padded paper can be used.

Case formers

Now indispensable, these machines form and deliver cartons according to packaging needs. They can be automatic or semi-automatic, with a rate adapted to your production. Thanks to their ease of use and their ergonomics, they optimize productivity by preparing and closing boxes. This saves you time and labor.

Film wrapping machines

Film wrapping machines are also needed for product packaging. They allow you to pack, protect and collect products very quickly. It is recommended to choose the manual welder for low speeds. For small items, we recommend the bell sealer. L-welders, on the other hand, will be more suitable for automatic speeds.

There are many must-have machines to speed up packaging and ensure that products are transported in the best condition. If you wish to optimize your productivity, it is therefore strongly advised to contact specialized suppliers who will be able to recommend the best packaging products to you.

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