ITIL 4, The Framework for Effective Management of IT Services

Today, digital is everywhere. Integrating deep into our intimate and professional lives, this tool has become an essential component of our relationship to life. Effective management of IT services in companies is therefore essential to ensure the viability of a business model. It is therefore to enable companies to make the most of this tool that ITIL v4 was created. Presentation.

What is ITIL 4?

To ensure effective management of IT services in companies, a repository of good practices was published at the end of the 1980s, then quickly disseminated in the world of work during the following decade. Known as ITIL, this tool has since evolved regularly to adapt to the rapid changes in a constantly accelerating world. Today, most major companies use this repository to adjust their internal practices.

ITIL is both a repository allowing better control of the IT tool itself but also ensuring that the internal organization, the relationship with partners, the technologies used and the procedures chosen are adjusted to extract maximum commercial profits. So do not hesitate any longer and discover ITIL v4 by clicking on the link. We will explain in the next paragraph why this version is absolutely necessary for your business.

ITIL v4, for effective management of IT services today

ITIL had not seen a major update since the last improvement to version 3 released in 2011. 8 years later, an eternity in the changing digital world, ITIL v4 has brought many necessary adjustments to the previous version. The 2010 decade was indeed one of the most prolific for the world of silicone and networks, but also for that of management. For effective management of IT services today, updating was therefore essential.

If ITIL 4 is so popular, it should be recalled here that more than 70% of the companies that have adopted it have declared themselves very optimistic about the changes brought by this new version, this is firstly because it takes into account the major methodological and technological developments of the decade. By integrating the development of artificial intelligence, the rapid adoption of the cloud by companies or the appetite for agile approaches such as DevOps, ITIL v4 brings a real plus to the growth of today's companies..

ITIL v4 certification, a must!

Finally, ITIL v4 is an essential tool for effective management of tomorrow's IT services because it now includes many innovations that will undoubtedly be decisive factors in the success of connected companies. The idea is in fact to offer a repository capable of guiding companies through the sometimes obscure twists and turns of the fourth industrial revolution and thus enabling them to become number one in their branch of activity.

For this, it will therefore be necessary to master the services offered by ITIL 4. For this purpose, we strongly recommend following an ITIL v4 certification course, such as those offered by Enrolling in such training ensures neophytes, through a basic qualification called ITIL Foundation, as well as experts, who can certify their expert level by obtaining the ITIL Master qualification, to make the most of this tool. And therefore to quickly develop their business!

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