Investing in Gold and Ancient Coins

Investing in buying gold coins is one way to invest in gold. Forex and stock markets are fluctuating, but gold generally provides a safe investment and a guaranteed investment. Whether with Napoleon or Louis d'or, the height of your return on investment will fully depend on the margin made on resale. So where to sell old gold coins?

Alloys and Gold Coin Estimation

There are many fakes on the market and you should exercise caution both when reselling but especially when buying. You must therefore make sure by an expert estimate that its pieces are in real gold, the experts in the field are the buy-back counters but also the jewelers. They are certified and authorized to estimate precious objects when buying gold and precious metals.

How to Store Your Gold Coins and Bars

To keep your gold at home, one of the precautions to take is to have it insured against the risk of theft or deterioration. This guarantee may be a shortfall in your margin on resale, but it is nothing compared to the dead loss that will apply to the valuation of your precious object in the event of scratching or deterioration. Specific insurance exists, you can also subscribe to an extension of guarantee at the level of your housing contract. Many insurances are available. Ask your agency to take out insurance for precious objects, coins and gold bars.

Securing your gold at home

If necessary, you will probably have to invest in a safe. This clause may be a contractual obligation in your gold and precious objects protection insurance contract. It is an expensive investment so take care to plan the gold investment over time. A one-time purchase could be a bad investment on too little gold. Bank-bought coins can also be kept on site for added security. The gold coins are then left on deposit subject to the payment of rental fees.

Sale and terms of payment

Since 09/01/2011, the purchase is no longer allowed by the cash exchange. The transaction must imperatively be carried out by bank transfer, crossed/postal check or by credit card.

Where to sell your gold coins

There are many gold counters, we recommend above all to lean towards a local company which can meet you in secure premises ensuring discretion and security in your transactions. Theft is a major risk in this type of transaction, both at the level of the transaction itself and in the provenance of the precious objects. This is why counters specializing in buying back gold such as Antic Boterf (Nantes) are the partners best able to guarantee a fair estimate and seriousness in the transaction. The sale of "wild" gold is totally prohibited, whether between individuals or between professionals. These counters are certified (in gemology, etc.) and are accountable to the State in order to prevent illegal gold sales activities resulting from organized crime. Finally, these local counters offer an undeniable advantage; They can come directly to your home (by appointment) to offer you their expertise.

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