International Money Transfer: Which Are The 3 Best Platforms?

Sending money to family back home, making international transfers and making purchases are all things we do on a regular basis. And to carry out these various operations, the best way is to go through fast and reliable means of online transfers. Today, there are several online money transfer platforms. We have gone around the question and we are going to present to you in this article the top 3 of the best international money transfer platforms.


A must in the international money transfer market, PayPal is a safe and fast online money transfer service. It allows you to send and receive money, but also to make purchases on the Internet. Available in almost every country in the world, PayPal offers several payment methods.

To transfer money via PayPal, you must log in to the account, then click on "Send" and enter the address of the PayPal account concerned. If the recipient does not yet have a PayPal account, enter their email address. Thereafter, you must enter the amount to be sent and the currency in which you wish to carry out the transaction. After checking the details, the shipment can be validated.

Since July 2019, PayPal has launched a new international money transfer service: it is Xoom. This service allows you to send money from 32 countries in Europe to recipients in 130 countries around the world. With the Xoom service, you can not only send money abroad, but replenish an account and pay bills abroad. You can learn more about this platform.


Created by the English, TransferWise is one of the best international money transfer platforms. With this platform, you can transfer money by direct debit on the credit card, or by bank transfer. To send money via TransferWise, the process is simple. You must create an account. Then, you must configure your shipment, specifying the amount you wish to be debited. And once TransferWise converts the currency if necessary, the money is transferred to the recipient's bank account. Also, the latter is notified by e-mail as well as the debtor.

What most attracts users to this platform is its ease of use and its intuitive handling. You can install the application on your mobile and carry out your transactions in complete safety. However, the TransferWise system only allows money to be sent to a bank account. Not all credit cards are supported by the system.

Western Union

Impossible to talk about the best money transfer platforms in the world without mentioning the giant Western Union! Indeed, more than 20% of money transfers in the world pass through this platform, which is present in 200 countries. Western Union has around 500,000 pick-up and send points. It is possible to send money in branch, online or directly from the application. It's a simple, reliable and efficient way to send and receive money.

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