Information System Management: Should You Outsource Your CIO?

In a changing world of work, companies must adapt or die. Indeed, only those who know how to use the most relevant tools can hope to obtain good economic results and distinguish themselves from the competition. This is reinforced by the current pandemic context because if the digital transition has been launched for years now, the Covid 19 crisis has only increased the need to get up to date. This is therefore a key reason that should push any company to outsource its IT department. Explanations.

What is the Information System Department?

The DSI, or Information System Department, corresponds to the department in charge of the company's IT equipment. This involves not only the hardware and software that make up this fleet but also the applications, data, infrastructure and backups. The IT Department is therefore a strategic element of today's companies which cannot act effectively without a fine and coherent management of its IT tools.

Expectations vis-à-vis the Information System Department are numerous. It must therefore benefit from a strong and versatile technical skill but also skills in terms of project management or management. It is also a stakeholder in the company's overall strategy and must necessarily occupy an important place in governance. In addition, it must be flexible and adaptable. Hence the interest of an outsourced IT department with OTO, a specialist in the matter.

IT outsourcing and its technical advantages

If you are told about the OTO solution, it is because it is one of the most complete and efficient on the market for outsourcing your IT department. First of all, entrusting the management of its Information System Department to OTO technology means ensuring greater security, flexibility and responsiveness. Indeed, real-time management will allow you to avoid inconveniences following, for example, an unexpected and unwelcome breakdown of the computer system because everything is managed in real time.

Outsourcing the IT department is also an excellent way of anticipating problems by having the possibility at any time of implementing a disaster recovery plan carefully prepared in advance by experts. This will save you in particular the financial risks due to the interruption of activity. In addition, the DSI requires skills and an ability to update. With outsourcing, you are sure to benefit from the knowledge and monitoring of qualified professionals.

Outsource your IT department to improve your productivity

On the other hand, the outsourcing of the Information System Department also makes it possible to guard against the viral attacks which are now commonplace in the economic world. Computer security will certainly be one of the major challenges of our century, so entrusting yours to a professional to limit the risks is a highly recommended solution! You will benefit from the skills of experts who will limit the risk of internal failures in the systems.

Outsourcing your DSI is also a huge time saver for your teams and savings on your budget. Indeed, allocating enough human resources to the IT department is a real financial pitfall, which is also not always followed up with the expected results. Finally, know that OTO technology offers a range of solutions that are always customizable, both in terms of issues and budget. We strongly advise you to visit their site to convince yourself!

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