In which case should you call on a digital consulting firm?

With the development of digital and new technologies, companies are now faced with a new form of threat: computer hacking. The only solution is to have a high-performance computer security system or to hire an agency to secure your data.

Do you also want to call on one of these firms and would you like to inquire beforehand? We invite you to learn more in this article.

What is a digital consulting firm?

A digital consulting firm is an agency made up of professionals responsible for protecting the company's digital data.

Digital consulting firms are also made up of experts in digital marketing. It is an important supplement, especially with the evolution that digital is experiencing. They will be able to advise you to improve your advertising strategy on the Internet in general.

The fight against cybercrime

Cybercrime has grown rapidly with the evolution of advancements in the digital domain. Hackers don't really have specific targets. They exploit vulnerabilities in security systems to recover data.

If your security system is outdated or too fragile, you risk being targeted. The ideal would be to get closer to a specialized firm as soon as possible so that they can advise you and give you the instructions to follow.

Data management

Computer data, which comes from "data" in English, is of great value. Depending on the area of ​​business, this data can be resold to competing companies or even misused. This is where the importance of a digital firm is felt.

Experts are able to help you if you are the victim of an attack. If you call on them in time, they can even help you counter the attack and secure your data. Some firms offer to move all your data to one of their servers for close daily monitoring.

Privacy by Design

The English term Privacy by Design designates an approach to computer system techniques allowing the protection of privacy. This protection allows a restriction on the information shared with companies and their partners. The objective is to set a limit in order to prevent malicious people from infiltrating the private lives of actors in a given society.

GDPR data protection

GDPR stands for the European General Data Protection Regulation. It concerns all companies that are required to process personal data. They must all comply with the regulations to carry out their activities on European territory.

Complying with the GDPR requires following a fairly complex procedure. Digital consulting firms have the means to support you throughout this procedure. They will take care of completing the various formalities themselves and applying the measures of the regulation to simplify your life within your company.

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