Improve Your ROI With Call Tracking

Return on investment, or ROI, is used to measure the success of your marketing strategy and guide your future business decisions. While this is an indispensable metric, since your ROI sheds light on the channels you should be investing in, many entrepreneurs agree that ROI is difficult to estimate on its own.

What is call tracking?

More and more companies are turning to call tracking tools, such as remmedia, in order to fill a need, that of estimating the ROI of calls, and that of the channels that transmit their numbers. Indeed, most tools focus on the ROI of websites, which distorts the real data. 88% of French people consider that a call is much more effective than the internet for contacting a company. Without call tracking, it's impossible to get a complete picture of your results.

Call tracking allows you to generate different numbers for your company, your stores or your franchisees. Each issue can be delivered through different channels, such as your website, emails, flyers, business cards, etc. With call tracking, you will be able to find out how a prospect heard about you, without having to ask!

How to improve your ROI with Call Tracking

Phone calls are valuable lead generators for your business. Thanks to several call tracking features, discover areas for improvement for your marketing analysts.

Meet the needs of its customers

Call tracking offers exceptional location data, because each call is linked to a geographical area. Do you receive few calls from Alsace? There may be new avenues to explore! To properly segment your customer base and better meet their needs, calling tracking indicates the time at which you receive calls. You will then know when is the best time to call your prospects. In order to avoid losing leads, your call tracking tool alerts you in real time if you have missed a call.

Train your employees

The recordings allow you to listen to a call in order to assess its quality, and see if it has achieved its objective. Thanks to them, you can note the calls, and the skills of the agents who make them. Thereafter, you can set up training actions, or correct the charter of your calls, to ensure quality service. The calls that meet your objectives can also be analyzed, in order to highlight the strengths of the telephone content.

Improve conversion rate

In order to determine the percentage of objectives achieved per call, you can count the number of calls made, quantify the average duration of calls, and validated contracts. With this data, you will be able to define the turnover that a call brings you.

Since each number is tracked, it is easy to determine which advertising campaign generated the most calls. If the number indicated on your flyers has not been contacted enough, it is time to adopt a different marketing strategy!

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