Improve the Impact of a Business Presentation with PowerPoint

Every day we retain only 20% of what we hear. The first words of your sales presentation are therefore very important, even the first seconds.

The challenge is to capture the attention of your audience and keep it. Beyond attention, you need to get your message across through your business presentation. How to transform a professional presentation into a real impactful commercial presentation? We share our advice applied every day for 20 years, with recognized effectiveness.

As we said above, the first minutes are decisive, especially during a sales presentation. You must sell, highlight your product or service to your audience. The PowerPoint presentation is an ideal solution which, in a very short time, allows you to shape your speech in your image and that of your company. However, knowing the tips and tricks to make a PowerPoint presentation take off is another thing.

Designing your presentation and speech

The design and writing stage is essential to get your message across. First of all, it is important to identify the objective of your presentation, what will it be used for, why do you need to make this PowerPoint? It is from the answers that you will be able to build the structure of your speech, in other words, the common or unrolled thread.

Then comes the writing of your PowerPoint presentation which results from this reflection, you will be able to place your argument in such a way as to captivate the audience.

You will also have to study the person(s) you have in front of you: By what arguments will you have to seduce them? How to grab their attention?

This work lies in the user experience that you want to give to your presentation: a top-down presentation, an animatic to create events or an interactive experience?

The watchword is to adapt to the people who make up your audience to ensure that your messages are understood and adhered to. Using the right words, the right illustrations, to captivate at the right time, is not easy. Sometimes, calling on experts in PowerPoint design and writing can save you time and, above all, improve the relevance of your speech.

1 minute to convince

During a presentation in front of clients, you have 1 minute to get the attention of your audience, create a bond of trust, introduce your subject and provide the conditions for optimal listening for the rest of your presentation.

You must directly capture attention, hook your audience. For that, nothing beats a good pitch. You must take advantage of this first minute to impose your rhythm, your intention and your message. No more thanks and little jokes, instead hook your audience with news facts, market figures or even tell a story in accordance with the storytelling. It is in this phase, the introductory phase where you will seduce your customers, induce the plan of your commercial presentation and arouse expectation around your assets, your message is essential.

Capture attention with strong visuals

You can hook your audience with your words, your attitude, the way you take up space and play on the tones of your voice. However, don't forget that your PowerPoint presentation should not be a simple medium, but a real tool to convince your audience. Using relevant and eye-catching visuals is the best way to energize a sales presentation and hold your customer's attention. Think of PowerPoint infographics to convey important information like historical data, figures, etc. in a simple way. The graphs will allow you to more easily visualize the increase in your sales.

Tables are useful for comparing data, but remember to create "focus" areas, inserts detached from the table to highlight the important information that should be retained from this table. Illustrations and photos will add zest to your PowerPoint presentation if used wisely. The images must not be used to fill an empty space, they must accompany your message, suggest a state of mind to associate with the reading of the slide.

Personalization is key

A business PowerPoint presentation needs to be impactful to facilitate its memorization. Your product or service needs to be remembered, so stand out. It is important to define a graphic charter on the whole of the presentation which will bring it a visual unity. For this, do not hesitate to trust experts in this field such as a PowerPoint agency.

A commercial presentation must reflect your DNA, adopt your color codes and graphics. Your client must feel the atmosphere of your company just by looking at your slides. It's the key to turning a simple PowerPoint presentation into an impactful business presentation. At the slide box, a Parisian PowerPoint agency, the DAs are real experts in presentation, they are not content only to "make it beautiful" but push the reflection until they obtain the clearest and most understandable message possible, in order to to facilitate its memorization. This is what they call Graphic Design.

The slide box of course accompanies its customers throughout the project by bringing PowerPoint to life, from writing to distribution and beyond, thanks to digital solutions for sharing and deploying sales presentations for the entire sales force.

Ultimately, creating a high-impact sales presentation is:

– What to pitch effectively in 1 minute to win the attention of your target – Strong visuals to support your pitch and capture attention- Chartered slides following a coherent plan, just enough to create interest and activate dialogue – A little expert advice: your presentation is constantly being used after your speech, so make sure that it continues to live even in the hands of your client, that he enjoys sharing it because it meets a need, it's your best business card, after your smile!

Surrounding yourself with the right people is often the best solution. A PowerPoint agency like La Boite à Slides will help you in this mission by creating for you PowerPoint presentations designed to convince and convey your messages with relevance. This will allow you to free up time to focus on your core business.

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