How To Successfully Organize A Concert?

Organizing a concert requires a certain sense of organization, although far from being impossible to manage properly. All it takes is a good dose of motivation, common sense and the art of anticipation. To manage to organize a concert without any problem, follow our basic advice in this article!

Anticipate the needs of artists and guests

First of all, you will need a suitable place where to organize your concert. Several places are to be preferred such as the MJC, the café-concerts, the Current Music Scenes (SMAC), for example. Additionally, you can also attempt to host it at your favorite corner cafe or indoor or outdoor self-catering venue.

Be aware that rooms, bars or self-managed places can offer various and varied rental formulas. We can sometimes offer you to rent the place and the staff, including all the sound and light technicians, security, etc. Another possibility: we make the space available to you “for free” (but not that much) for a percentage of the tickets to the concert. You will need to find out beforehand how the chosen place works.

Finally, very important: the little corner. However, if your concert does not take place in a bar with toilets, you will have to take care of finding one for the guests. How to do? It's quite simple. Some companies specialize in renting toilets for concerts. All you have to do is contact them, ask for a quote and hire a few for the day of the concert.

Take care of the numbers well in advance

To successfully organize a concert, it is essential to analyze the figures, and especially the budget for the organization, as well as the remuneration of the group/artist. Our first advice: prepare everything in advance. Define from the start how the artist will be paid: percentages on admissions, guaranteed minimum (full or empty room). Be clear with the artists as soon as possible, accept the negotiation, but without overdoing it.

In addition, you will have to work on your budget for the promotion, the cost of renting equipment if necessary, renting the room… Always provide a margin of safety and never imagine a full box! To get a head start, also imagine that the entries will not necessarily all be sold out.

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