How to Optimize Your Acquisition Strategy?

All those who are familiar with the markets have already experienced this situation many times, especially on the web: a company, if it offers new or particularly successful services, will necessarily interest investors. Thus we have seen the historic Internet giants – Google, Monster, Yahoo, Amazon, Facebook, etc. – closely follow the evolution of a smaller structure, so as to know its evolution, but above all to know when it would be really ready to spread innovative technology around the world, which could be a game-changer in their respective fields.

Acquire new technology to develop

Once the small company is ready and its product is about to be launched, the larger ones have only one desire: to acquire for themselves what they do not want to see fall into the hands of their competitors. Clearly they are preparing to offer a price to buy the technology, or even the company that developed it. But this is not done without having first gathered as much information as possible on the viability of such an investment, that is to say without having called upon the power of strategic due diligence in terms of risk assessment. incurred but also the underlying opportunities.

Develop through the inventions of others

By acquiring a new technology, a company like the ones we see today constantly gaining power offers itself a brighter future. It is indeed a question of diversifying, that is to say of trying to penetrate new markets – as Google has tried many times to do with social networks or more recently Facebook with cryptocurrencies. This is how we have seen small companies become in a few years essential in their favorite markets, then invest fully in others which they knew would eventually offer extraordinary windfalls.

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