How to make a salary simulation in wage portage without making a mistake?

The new world of information and digital technology has profoundly changed our relationship to work. Formerly, employment was the rule for the majority of us, but the creation of new legal statuses facilitating entrepreneurship has given birth to very specific situations, which it was necessary to balance with new legal mechanisms. Wage portage is one of these very advantageous devices for entrepreneurs of our century.

To fully understand what wage portage is, it is necessary to first focus on its definition. Above all, this status makes it possible to carry out an activity independently. The individual can therefore invoice his interventions in the form of fees. In addition, it allows him to avoid the administrative, legal and tax management related to the freelance activity. Finally, wage portage also makes it possible to retain all the benefits associated with employee status. Three good reasons to do a wage portage simulation. Explanations.

The advantages of wage portage for the self-employed

If you are self-employed and want to retain the benefits of employee status in your business, it may be worth carrying out a wage portage simulation. Indeed, this status allows you to carry out your activity in complete independence while maintaining the freedom of fees and working hours. For the self-employed person, this guarantees that they can be remunerated either on the basis of a service rate or to assess their remuneration on the basis of a proposal from the client.

Wage portage also makes it possible to avoid managing all the administrative issues related to the particular status of freelancer. Thanks to the bearer, the self-employed person can immediately start his activity and mobilize his skills for the success of his project. Service contract, salary, invoicing and other time-consuming tasks will now be nothing but bad memories. Click on this wage portage simulator to assess the benefits of such a status for your business!

Benefits for employees

Doing a wage portage simulation can also be an opportunity to take advantage of social benefits, usually linked only to employee status. Indeed, the self-employed dependent depends on the general system and, as such, has access to the same advantages as an employee. He benefits from mutual insurance, provident insurance and can even take advantage of unemployment insurance when he has no mission to accomplish during a certain period of inactivity.

Wage portage also makes it possible to ensure a constant and regular salary each month, even if your customers have not yet paid you. In addition, the individual carried benefits from numerous insurances from the carrier company such as its professional insurance, its civil liability or financial guarantees in terms of remuneration. Finally, using the services of an umbrella company also means having the ear of legal experts who will be able to support you in the development of your business.

An effective wage portage simulation

Wage portage therefore has all the advantages of a hybrid status, perfectly suited to the needs of today's entrepreneurs. Many areas of activity can benefit from its prebends, provided of course that you know what the ins and outs of such a change of status are. For the entrepreneur who wishes to precisely assess these possible benefits, it is very useful to use the wage portage simulation of

Specialist in the matter, the site brings together a lot of information about wage portage, but it is above all its simulator that allows it to be far ahead of its competitors. This accompanies you through all the steps that will allow you to optimize your offer to make you more competitive. From the choice of your average daily rate to the selection criteria for your assignments, including the calculation of the professional costs generated, you will be in good hands to get started on your project!

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