How To Help Your Customers Choose A Mattress To Avoid Back Pain?

The cause and effect relationship between back pain and disturbed sleep has been proven many times over the years by numerous studies carried out around the world. More and more, healthcare personnel are advising their patients to acquire quality bedding, which helps relieve back and even neck pain. Before deciding, it is crucial to ask the right questions and make a choice adapted to your needs, which will differ from one individual to another.

What criteria should be taken into account? Which brand to choose? What form of mattress? We will try to help you find the mattress for your back pain with this article.

What are the criteria for choosing the right mattress?

The first piece of advice we can give you is to test. Try out any mattress you like, because that's where you'll find out if it's comfortable. Indeed, the notion of comfort is specific to each individual and will depend on the feeling and expectations of each.

Then comes the question of the firmness of a mattress. A mattress that is too soft or too firm will wake up your inflammatory pain. A bed that is too rigid creates pressure points in painful places in the lumbar and cervical areas, which will lead to poor blood circulation. While a mattress that is too soft will force the spine to bend during the hours of sleep, again reigniting the pain.

Another selection criterion is the degree of firmness defined by the density of the mattress. This choice will have to be made according to your weight and your height but also to the person with whom you share it. For this, you will need to think about getting a mattress in which each of you has a comfortable ease so as not to disturb the sleep of the other.

What technologies exist?

Memory foam

Ranging from 100 to several thousand euros, there are hundreds of different products. Composed of a layer of elastic and heat-sensitive foam, the mattress gradually softens until it adapts perfectly to your morphology. Each time the sleeper changes position, the mattress adapts to their curves. This technology removes pressure points through even body support, and is what makes it particularly suitable for people with back problems.

By absorbing all the vibrations, these mattresses allow excellent sleeping independence. However, these mattresses have some notable flaws that you should be aware of before any purchase. If you are a "dynamic sleeper", it will be more difficult for you to move during your sleep in order to change positions. Then, these mattresses are very sensitive to ambient temperature. The foam hardens if it is cold, and softens if it is hot. Be careful, therefore, it will be necessary to ensure an adequate temperature in order to make the most of this technology.

– Estimated lifespan: 7 years


Latex is a viscous liquid of plant origin from rubber tree milk that protects trees from cuts. Denser than foam-based mattresses, they are perforated to create differentiated support zones. These different cells allow it to be among the best ventilated mattresses. The latex provides a great quality of support, very elastic and progressive over the years. These mattresses are divided into 3 categories according to their number of comfort zones (3, 5 or 7 zones). The more the number of zones increase, the more expensive the mattress will be.

1. Mattress with 3 comfort zones: located at the level of the head, back and thighs, this is the entry-level latex mattress. It is not recommended for side sleepers. 2. Mattress with 5 comfort zones: located at the level of the head, shoulders, back, thighs and feet. By sinking at the shoulders, it provides support for the back. Highly recommended for people with regular back pain. 3. Mattress with 7 comfort zones: very top of the range, it is recommended for very sensitive people to perceive the 2 reinforcement zones located at the level of the head and the legs.


This is one of the first technologies that appeared on mattresses, and over time it has evolved a lot. Initially, a single metal wire ran through the mattress, now it is a multitude of small springs which are themselves wrapped in order to reduce vibrations as much as possible and thus increase comfort.

In addition, it is the type of mattress that offers the best aeration thanks to its ventilation. This ventilation is essential in order to maintain good hygiene by evacuating perspiration from sleepers. It is estimated that a couple loses 150 liters per year by sweating in bed! This type of mattress is recommended for people with large builds because of its high resistance over time thanks to the metal frame.

– Estimated lifespan: 10 years

In summary

Finally, choosing the right mattress is not easy, but it is essential to take the time necessary to make the decision, because it is above all a question of personal feelings, your feelings on the mattress, etc.

This is one of the reasons why many brands offer test nights so that you can form your own opinion on the matter. It will be a question of finding the right balance between a certain firmness and softness.

After learning all this, you ask yourself the question: which brand of mattress for back pain should you choose? A memory foam mattress much appreciated by those suffering from chronic back pain but relatively expensive? A latex mattress allowing all prices to find what they are looking for thanks to a wide range available, or a spring mattress?

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