How to guarantee the smooth running of a Belgium Pellet Pallet delivery?

To ensure the smooth running of all stages of an order, each must be well prepared. Therefore, it is not necessary to improvise the delivery pallet Belgium pellets. Whether it is an order in bags, in bulk, different parameters must be considered in order to guarantee the smooth running of your delivery of pallets of pellets.

What are the different characteristics of a successful pellet delivery?

You should know that a good delivery of pellets must go through a good order. This takes into account the choice of pellets, the exact delivery address, the choice of the delivery date.

The choice of the pallet of pellets as well as the mode of delivery

The packaging of your wood pellets varies according to your storage possibilities. If you have a silo, it is better to choose loose pellets. Therefore, opt instead for a pallet of bagged pellets. Its delivery takes place as close as possible to the planned storage.

When should you have your pallets of pellets delivered?

To have pellets at the time of heating, you should not wait until the last moment. Indeed, when the cold approaches, orders will accumulate and delivery times can then be longer. In addition, weather conditions can impact the smooth running of the Belgian pellet pallet delivery. You must also be present during the delivery of your pallets. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, it is best to notify a person you trust to represent you.

What are the essential points to know for delivery in bags?

The delivery of bagged wood pellets is done on pallets of around sixty bags, with 19-ton trucks. Indeed, a pallet can weigh almost a ton. Access to the storage location must be very practical. In the event that the conditions are not respected, the deliverer may cancel the delivery to the place of storage.

How to prepare a delivery of bulk pellets?

The delivery of bulk pellets happens with a blower truck. In fact, a supply pipe will connect the truck to the pellet silo. This system aims to guarantee the quality of the pellet delivered by limiting dust emissions. With an on-board weighing tool, you can receive the quantity of pellets required, with supporting weighing ticket. To guarantee the smooth delivery of bulk pellets, certain rules must be observed.

– Schedule delivery

It is necessary to inform with the maximum of information the type as well as the capacity of the silo in which the pellets will be transported. This makes it possible to estimate the quantity of pellets to be delivered. 15 minutes before the delivery of pellets, you must ventilate the silo and switch off the boiler.

– Ensure the accessibility of the silo

The silo has the capacity to store a large quantity of pellets. The supply pipe must be straight and the distance that delimits the truck silo cannot exceed 30 meters. In some cases, the distance can also be short. You can ask the type of equipment used by your supplier to ensure the smooth running of the delivery. If necessary, prune the trees.

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