How to get free training in project management with the CPF?

Whether you are an employer or an employee, project management skills are essential for everyone. They allow you to boost your professional career and to differentiate yourself, especially when you are not in the field. The question of its financing remains very thorny. But, there are still solutions to have free access to these trainings. One of the most suitable is the CPF. Read us to find out what it is and the steps to take project management training with this device.

What is CPF?

The CPF or Personal Training Account is a system set up to facilitate the principle of the “right to training”. Its purpose is to enable the French to acquire a budget to finance vocational training. This system is accessible to all employers, employees and job seekers throughout their professional life.

Indeed, each year, the CPF generates euros according to the hours worked. These can be mobilized to finance various training courses. For example, you can follow a product owner certification training or any other project management training with the CPF.

With the CPF, you can strengthen your professional qualifications. The project management training it finances can be given remotely, face-to-face or in evening classes. The goal is to allow employees to participate while being in better conditions.

What are the management training courses financed by the CPF?

The training courses eligible for the CPF are numerous. Many training centers and schools offer various training programs in project management. They allow you to obtain certifications recognized by the RNCP (National Directory of Professional Certifications). Likewise, they can allow you to obtain internationally recognized diplomas. Just as done, you can carry the title of trades at the end of the training.

For example, you can make a professional conversion and follow a scrum master training in order to obtain the title of “ scrum master ”. Also, if you follow a BTS in management, you can obtain the title of “ management assistant ”.

With CPF project management training, you can easily:

– Evolve within your company; – Change job ; – Start a professional activity; Find a job ; etc

How can you use your training rights to take management training?

The CPF is totally dematerialized. All you have to do is create your account on the site and enter your social security number. If you've never logged into the CPF, don't worry. Your training rights are automatically accumulated due to the social declarations made by your employer or by you.

Once connected, you can view your accumulated training rights in euros. They are determined each year according to your time of professional activity. If you are an employee, you receive 500 euros per year within a limit of 5000 euros. But if you are an unskilled worker, you receive 800 euros per year up to a limit of 8000 euros.

You will be able to find out about eligible project management training directly on the platform and then choose the one that suits you. And finally, you can build your training file.

In summary, the CPF financing offer is very attractive. It can help you finance your training in project management and obtain certified skills. These skills will allow you to have added value or to occupy new positions of responsibility.

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