How To Download A Lecture Video From Youtube And Convert It To Mp3?

YouTube is full of videos of exciting lectures and professionals sharing their knowledge. And if you are enthusiastic enough to find what you want, you will easily find the content. Note, however, that this is only possible if you are connected to the internet. To save time and money, backing up the videos and transferring the content to your portable device is the best way to deal with an unstable internet connection.

Thanks to this, listening to audio contents is convenient and practical. This is made possible by offline entertainment. However, it is not easy with youtube mp3 converter to save audio files to YouTube, especially if they are in a playlist. To upload via YouTube, you need a handy desktop application. Read on and learn effective tools that will surely help you to capture content from YouTube playlists.

Free online application

It is a web based application like mp4 converter and youtube mp3 converter. You can use it to convert videos from any website to MP3 format by pasting a URL into the URL field and clicking "capture it". This tool is very easy to use. Make sure java is enabled where needed. Now go to the site to download music from YouTube. There are four steps you need to follow:

1. Go to the video grabber website. 2. Click the "video to MP3" button. 3. Enter the link to the YouTube video. 4. Click the "Convert" button.

If you have videos stored on your computer, you can also use this application to convert them. Click the "convert video" button, you can extract music from video in three steps.

First, upload your music video. Next, you need to choose the desired format and quality. Finally, click on the “convert” button. After only a few seconds, you will receive your music file.

Convert YouTube to MP3

This online application is called YouTube Download MP3 for free. If you need a more professional YouTube MP3 converter app, the next mentioned will definitely satisfy you. This application can download and extract mp3 files simultaneously.

Desktop YouTube MP3 Downloader

The first impression one gets from this software is that it is only capable of downloading YouTube playlist. However, “Video Download Capture” is more than that as it acts as a smart converter which can turn playlist into mp3 files.

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