How to Create a Brand?

Are you planning to start your own business and now want to create your brand? Well, know that this is really a crucial step if you want to experience success. A trademark is a distinctive sign that identifies your products or services. By choosing the right name and logo, you can stand out from the competition and increase your chances of effectively achieving your goals.

Some people talk about brand building to refer to building a business. But in fact, they are two totally different things. The creation of a trademark consists of both defining the corporate name of your company and registering it with the INPI. Here are the key steps to follow to make your project a success.

Carry out preliminary reflections

To create the right brand, you must start by thinking about certain points. Ask yourself questions like: what are my goals? Who are my targets? What names do my main competitors use? What are my clients' needs? And what are the subjects that interest them? By giving clear answers to these questions, you can have a small idea of ​​the kind of word or group of words that fits your project.

You can also define your project by validating its contours with regard to the human and financial resources available. And do not forget to take into account the sectoral and geographical perimeters as well as all the salient points that can make the DNA and the difference of your future brand.

Create a name

After having carried out these preliminary reflections, you must proceed with the creation of the name of your company. It is true that you can carry out this step internally by betting on brainstorming or on the call for contributions, but the ideal is to use the services of a professional like TradeYourMark.

Thanks to the intervention of the latter, you can benefit from considerable savings in time and money in the search for the ideal brand. You do not risk using a name that is already used by other companies, nor a name that could be refused by the Office.

This agency gives you the opportunity to buy a brand that is already registered, a brand that perfectly matches your activity, your needs and your requirements.

Create a visual identity

The third step is none other than the creation of the visual identity of your company, in particular your logo and your graphic charter. Here, the aesthetic aspect is not the only selection criterion to consider. You must opt ​​for an image that captures the attention of the public, represents your industry and allows you to distinguish yourself from the competition.

You also have to choose the right shapes, the right colors and the right typography. Take into account the meaning of each element as well as their influence on human psychology to be able to communicate a brand image.

Of course, your visual identity must also be clear and easily remembered. And make sure you create a future-proof logo so you don't have to change it after a few years.

Register and develop the brand

The last step to follow is the completion of the filing formalities. To be able to display your company name and logo everywhere, file your trademark with the industrial property office, in particular the INPI if you are in France and EUIPO if you are in the European Union.

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