How to Choose Your Transition Manager

Choosing an interim manager facilitates the work of this one-time employee and protects the company in which the transition is taking place. Experience is important, but do not hesitate to bet on youth.

What can we learn from the role of the interim manager?

The purpose of transition managers is to facilitate the journey of the company during periods when significant changes must be accomplished. The presence of these experts facilitates the progression and transformation of the company.

Situations can be:

– The resolution of a crisis caused, for example, by complaints about products or services. – The execution of a new strategy or a new growth plan. – Partial or total restructuring which may include changes in the management team.

What should you discuss with the interim manager?

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Your preliminary discussions are important, because they will allow you to carefully choose the person with the most appropriate profile for the situation prevailing in your company.

So, ask yourself and the candidate:

– For how many years did he work as an interim manager? – How many assignments did he carry out as interim manager and where did they take place?

It should be noted that this conversation can allow you to come to the conclusion that working in your company will be the first mission of the junior interim manager. But, do not hesitate to choose him if he has the skills.

Precautions to be taken before choosing an interim manager

Check its capacities in terms of administrative and above all human management, because an interim management mission is often faced with resistance.

Also check which interim management missions have been undertaken by the candidates without success. Collect the reasons for the failure, the lessons that the candidates learned.

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