How To Choose Your Cash Register?

Choosing a cash register can be difficult. The choices are numerous and the functionalities of the latter are multiple. Now it is possible to control all of your statistics from this machine. Choosing your cash register is a thoughtful act, depending in particular on your needs.

There are two types of cash registers

You should know that the cash register market is divided into two types of products. You will find both numeric and alphanumeric. The digital ones will simply allow you to collect purchases from your customers while the alphanumeric cash registers will offer you more functionalities since you will be able to carry out a manual entry of the products, you will benefit from an area for the different means of payment (checks, credit cards or cash) and as well as an area for the manager who alone will have access to certain functions.

A simple handling

When you decide to buy a cash register, it is important that it is easy to handle. Indeed, it is a tool that you will use on a daily basis and that can be used by your entire team. In this sense, its handling must be simple as well as the configuration of the software so that everyone can adopt it quickly and efficiently. Regarding the graphic part of your cash register, it must be clear, logical with intuitive and pleasant interfaces.

In addition, be sure to choose a product where the different functionalities will be easily configurable. You should know that a good cash register will be a product that will offer simple use with a job well done.

Gain productivity

Choosing a new cash register is not done in any way. It is important to take into account many parameters and in particular that of productivity. You will therefore have to choose a product that will be able to save you time in your daily tasks in order to increase your productivity and therefore your turnover.

Indeed, the more your operations are carried out in a simple and efficient way, the more you will have the leisure to devote yourself to your sales activities. In order to increase productivity, it will be important for you to have good software that will allow you to make your sales and can also be responsible for optimizing the day-to-day operations of your business.

A multifunction cash register

If you are looking for a cash register with multiple functions, the CashPad solution is perfectly suited to your desires and your needs, especially if you work in the catering industry.

The order taking platform will allow you to collect quality but also to manage your point of sale perfectly. The Cashpad cash register embeds an all-in-one cash register software. Thanks to an application present on iPad, you benefit from all the business functions that you will need within your restaurant. Indeed, this software allows you to carry out note divisions, expense reports, restaurant title scans, credit note generation, room placement, inventory management but also the integration of a platform so that your customers can pay with their mobile.

If you work in a restaurant, the Cashpad cash register can make your life easier. No more running between the hall and the kitchen. As soon as the order is taken, it is listed and sent directly to the kitchen. For reservations, it's the same. If the latter are taken online, they will be directly integrated into your establishment's agenda and you can modify them from the iPad at the cash desk.

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