How to Choose an Irrigation System Wisely

Agriculture consists in part of extracting plant products useful to man from the earth. These products need water for their growth and development. In some cases, this water is brought in naturally through rain or rivers, or even rivers. In other cases, however, this water supply requires the use of so-called irrigation systems. There are several types, each with its own characteristics. In this context, it becomes essential to know these different systems and to define criteria in order to be able to offer the right choice to your customers.

Different irrigation systems

For the purchase of agricultural irrigation equipment, one will have to choose between three main types of systems, namely drip, agricultural sprinkler and full-field irrigation. Drip is a local and targeted irrigation system. It brings directly to the root of the plant, the quantity of water which it needs for its growth. Agricultural spraying is used in fixed or removable installations. It consists in reproducing almost identically, the watering of a fine rain. Finally, full-field irrigation is used in large, even very large plantations. It is characterized by uniform watering. Full-field irrigation is done using long-range, high-flow irrigation cannons. The choice of one of these systems is based on certain parameters.

Selection criteria

Called to bring water to the plants, the irrigation system will partly depend on the nature of the latter. Thus, for the cultivation of fruits and vegetables, the drip would be ideal while the sprinkling will be more suitable for nurseries. Apart from the nature of the crops, the other parameter to consider is the size of the plantation. The larger the planting, the more open-field irrigation will be best suited. Finally, a system will be selected according to the quantity of water accessible. If it requires careful management, it will be necessary to opt for a targeted irrigation system.

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