How To Choose A Laser Printer To Make Photocopies And Scans?

Laser printers have a reputation for being much faster than inkjet printers. Most of the models on the market are multifunctional. They allow you to make photocopies and scans. They are less bulky, yet they are less expensive than inkjet printers. Laser printers do not require the use of ink, but a powder that does not dry out.

The criteria for choosing a laser printer

Laser printers come in different models. There are certain criteria to consider before buying your printer. Here they are!

print speed

This is an important criterion especially if you need to print several documents every day. Generally, the print speed of a good laser printer is 15 to 20 pages per minute. Higher performance models can print more.

Print quality

Whatever printer model you have, this criterion takes precedence over all others. Despite the fact that laser printers do not allow you to make photo prints, they must still produce excellent textual and graphic rendering.


Not all printers have a connectivity panel. If you need to print a document from the internet, it is best to opt for a printer capable of connecting using a simple Ethernet cable.


A good laser printer should be versatile. A lot of people forget about this. This indicates that the device is punchy and can help you with different tasks.

The price of the page

Each laser printer works with a suitable cartridge. To know the price of a page, you must count the number of cartridges used, the consumption of the device as well as the price of a cartridge. The price of a color is obviously much more important than a black and white page. To save money, you must also choose the font of your document.

Sheet capacity

For chain printing, this criterion is important when choosing a laser printer. It is not practical, in fact, to add paper to the tray each time when there are masses of documents to be printed. This can have an impact on the organization of the sheets.


The weight and size of a printer can matter. If you tend to move frequently for your work, you will need a light and compact device.

The purchase price

The price is one of the most important criteria when buying a computer consumable. Even if the device is powerful, if the budget is not there, the performance is useless. To find a device that perfectly matches your needs and according to your budget, you can use an online comparator. You will be able to find all the information you need to find your laser printer.

Useful accessories for the laser printer

The differences are in the details. According to the manufacturers, the cartridges can be integrated or separated from the printer. Good printers are those whose cartridge is separated from the device. Therefore, you only have to replace the cartridge of the exhausted color, without changing the other cartridges. It is also important to choose a printer with many ports of black ink cartridges in order to benefit from a more interesting graphic rendering.

The device must be equipped with a duplex function to save paper. If the device also has a backlit LCD screen for more optimized use, especially if you have to install it under your desk.

It is also important to check the size of the document feeder. If the device cannot contain more than 150 pages, you have to go your way, because it is not very profitable. If you can find a tray that can hold 250 pages, you will enjoy much more comfortable use.

It is ideal if the printer has a USB port. This will allow you to print your documents directly from the USB without going through a monitor. This will save you time in your printing.

With the memory card reader option, you can also print your photos from the card of your camera or your phone. You can plug them directly into the device and preview what you want to print on the LCD screen.

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