How To Choose A Karting Track In Lyon For A Team Building?

The choice of a karting track in the city of Lyon to do a team building is generally based on specific criteria. Taking them into account makes it possible to choose a suitable track from the many that are available in the city. Here's everything you need to know to make the right choice.

Consider the price

Whether you are with colleagues, family or friends, the first criterion to take into account when choosing your go-kart track is obviously the price. According to the information available on, it is possible to access an assignment with around 20 euros. If you want to drive competition karts, this price increases considerably depending on the establishment chosen. It should be noted that the price of transfers varies according to the length of the track and its type, whether indoor or outdoor.

Some companies even give you the option of making a daily, monthly or annual subscription. You must do your research in order to opt for the subscription that suits you according to your budget. In case you would like to make karting a regular activity, an annual subscription would be suitable.

Take into account the proposed kart driver equipment

To go karting safely, it is important to put on the right safety equipment. Indeed, the racing car, despite its small size, is capable of reaching a speed of 70 km/h when it is on the straights. So, you must ensure that the karting to choose provides you with everything you need.

Speaking of the necessary equipment for your entertainment, you need to put on a helmet, boots, overalls, pilot gloves, a rib protector vest. If karting cannot provide you with all this equipment or at least the minimum, it would be best not to choose it. Note that the provision of all this equipment is included in the price of the session.

Choose the category of karting that suits you

The choice of karting in Lyon partly depends on your age. Indeed, this aspect allows you to choose the category that suits you. According to the legislation in force in France, you can do your first race from the age of 7. It is necessary all the same that the competitor is in good physical shape, it is an important condition to do this type of sport.

Another aspect to consider is experience. This allows the karting managers to better guide you. If you are a beginner, you will be directed to the karts which are easy to handle in order to give you a taste for this sporting activity. All of this makes it easy to choose the race track that's right for you.

The karting companies located in Lyon offer you 400 m long tracks for beginners and a 1700 m track for the pros. It is also one of the biggest tracks in all of Europe. A godsend for those who dream of doing the same circuit as the great competitors known in this sport.

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