How To Choose A Freelance Expert In Google Ads For Good Results?

Google Ads is a paid referencing platform that allows you to gain visibility on Google search engines. It is also a form of online advertising that allows sites to significantly increase their customer base as well as the return on investment. Find out here how to win leads by choosing a freelance Google Ads expert to make your campaign a success.

Why choose a freelancer for a Google Ads campaign?

Launching a Google Ads campaign is complementary to SEO natural referencing. And to succeed in this campaign and benefit from it, you must choose an expert who masters the field and who will be able to give you maximum results. This is where an expert freelancer comes in. In reality, choosing a freelance expert maximizes your chances of having good results. The freelancer respects the clauses of each contract, and his objective is to return absolute satisfaction to his customers. To this end, it respects the quality standards of Google and offers you its services at a low price. Choosing a freelancer therefore means having the guarantee of a professional and tailor-made service. As on, this professional helps you choose the appropriate type of campaign from:

– The search network with selective display (search and banner); – The research network only; – The display only (banners); – Shopping (image ads); – Videos (videos on YouTube and the Display); – The universal application promotion campaign, etc.

How to choose the Google Ads freelancer?

The right choice of the Google Ads freelance expert is a prerequisite for the success of any advertising campaign. And to make a good choice, you have to make sure that the expert you have chosen has conducted Adwords campaigns in the past in a sector similar to yours. This will allow him to identify more quickly what you expect of him. Then, you have to find out if he is approved by Google and if he can establish a volumetry study and an Adwords budget for your campaign. Finally, test it over a short period of time to see if it meets your criteria. During the trial period, it must be able to meet criteria such as proximity, responsiveness, quality and return on investment. Once the choice of the freelancer has been made, you must end up with the choice of the bidding strategy.

Choosing the right bidding strategy

You should have an idea of ​​the bidding strategy to adopt. In fact, depending on your goals, choosing the right strategy will help you achieve your goals more effectively. Thus, the choice will be between the two (2) types of strategies that exist, namely: the manual bidding strategy and the intelligent one.

In short, choosing a freelancer to organize your Google Ads campaign has several advantages. But, to take advantage of it and have a positive return on turnover, you must opt ​​for an experienced and efficient freelancer.

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