How to become a commercial agent in real estate

How to become a commercial real estate agent is the subject of my article today.

We can also say real estate negotiator, real estate advisor, real estate agent, and so on.

The profession of independent commercial agent requires certain essential qualities but what is interesting is that there is not necessarily a typical profile. Sales agents come from different backgrounds, have varied professional backgrounds.

You can become a commercial real estate agent while being a beginner. Age is not a problem any more. Being a senior is a disadvantage in most jobs, but not for becoming a commercial real estate agent. You can practice young, in your prime and in retirement.

The common point of the candidates who embark on this profession is most of the time the need to be independent, to work in complete freedom, to manage their agenda, and of course the remuneration.

The essential qualities to become a commercial real estate agent

The commercial real estate agent must demonstrate psychology, listening, and be observant

It is above all a relational profession. You are participating in a very important life project which can be anxiety-provoking for those concerned. Your customers will commit for the long term, sometimes it's a first purchase. You must reassure them, understand their project, listen, observe their reactions during visits.

Decode the unspoken. The commercial real estate agent must ensure the validity of the project and also check whether the clients have carefully studied their financing file. Otherwise you risk doing real estate tourism.

The commercial real estate agent must be available

You have the chance to do a job independently and enjoy great freedom. But be careful if you want to succeed as a commercial real estate agent you will not count your hours of work. The tasks are many and varied.

From taking a mandate through prospecting, telephone management, making appointments, organizing visits, implementing advertising actions and managing networks, signatures… Personal investment is essential. You are an entrepreneur and a commercial real estate agent wears several hats.

The commercial real estate agent is rigorous and organized

You have understood that the profession of commercial real estate agent is rich. As a result, you must be organized and rigorous in prioritizing tasks and keeping your schedule. No question of being late to 1 appointment, or of confusing the names of clients. As Pareto's law explains, 80% of your results will come from 20% of your actions.

Good work organization will avoid unnecessary loss of time. The profession of commercial real estate agent requires good legal and technical knowledge. You will be responsible for the files of your clients, the delivery of documents to the notary, and you will have to check all the details that could be problematic during the signing.

The commercial real estate agent likes to work in total autonomy

Some people like working in a team and need to interact with collaborators. The commercial real estate agent is alone in the field. He is a true entrepreneur. Many people choose this profession to no longer suffer from hierarchy. The motivations can also be the desire to take charge of oneself, to feel in control of one's actions, the freedom to make one's own decisions, to be accountable to no one, and to manage one's time.

The commercial real estate agent can also choose to earn more by working more. If this profession comes in addition to other income, for example, you can practice it part-time. If, on the other hand, you want to have a good standard of living, you can increase your work rate. It's up to you.

I have been working as a commercial real estate agent since 2015 and for nothing in the world will I go back. I could no longer occupy the status of employee, have fixed and imposed hours, not be able to value my salary through my work and support a hierarchy or colleagues.

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