How to Become a Chartered Accountant?

The profession of chartered accountant is very varied and therefore requires having many skills. It is aimed at lovers of figures and those who are real analysts at heart. Here is everything you need to know to become a chartered accountant.

What profile should I have?

The student who wishes to become a chartered accountant must possess certain qualities which will be very useful to him in his work. A good accountant must above all be a true leader because he will be led to lead a team. His mission will be to supervise and motivate his collaborators or subordinates. He must also have a great relational sense and must not be afraid of contact, since he will always be at the company manager's side. He must of course love numbers and have a very advanced analytical mind to be able to analyze the most complex accounting and financial situations. He must be meticulous, persevering and organized to carry out his missions as well as possible and never waste precious time. Seriousness and rigor must always be his watchwords to ensure quality work.

What are the studies to follow?

To become a chartered accountant, the student must complete an eight-year course of study after obtaining the BAC (S, STG, or even ES). He will then have to obtain the DCG (accounting and management diploma), which takes place in 3 years and which is the equivalent of a license. This training is very complete since it includes theoretical courses (economics, law, mathematics, English), but also technical courses (accounting, taxation, labor law, management control and finance). Once the DCG in hand, the student will have to obtain a DSCG (higher diploma in accounting and management), which takes place over 2 years and which is the equivalent of a master's degree. This training allows the student to deepen his knowledge acquired during his DCG but also acquires new ones in audit (in internal audit, financing, or even legal). Once this diploma has been obtained, the student will be able to make various strategic decisions and analyze complex situations. To become a chartered accountant, the student must then complete a paid three-year internship in order to be able to pass the DEC (diploma of chartered accountant). Indeed, at the end of this course, the student will receive a certificate which will allow him to register for the exam. Once this diploma has been obtained, in a public or private school (such as the chartered accountant Saint-Cyr l'école), students are able to hold a position as a chartered accountant. For a faster route, you will be able to complete a BTS CGO (accounting and management of organizations) or the DUT GEA (management of companies and administrations) option finance-accounting after the BAC. Or, you could enter a business school by choosing accounting-related options to join the CPA course.

What is the average salary?

A chartered accountant new to the profession will be able to claim an average monthly salary of between 2000 and 3000 euros gross. With experience and several years of skills, this salary can be increased and be associated with different bonuses.

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