How To Archive And Better Use Business Information?

With the advent of digital, archiving is no longer limited to the filing and preservation of paper documents only. It is now possible to archive documents online. Several solutions are then available to make the operation less complex and improve the use of business information. This is the case, for example, of electronic archiving software.

Electronic archiving software: what you need to know

Electronic archiving software is a digital tool for storing and classifying final versions of documents. The archiving software allows you to have an eye on each document of the company's archives. In this way, they can be used as evidence in court if the need arises. To preserve the probationary vocation of these documents, the electronic archiving software works on 5 axes.

Axis 1: sustainability

To preserve documents and their metadata for a specific period, the software ensures the preservation of their readability. So you can access the files at any time. Regular format conversions and storage media migrations are performed on a regular basis.

Axis 2: integrity

Before using an archival document, it must be proven that it has not undergone any modification since its archiving. To this end, the document management software makes it possible to time stamp, calculate the imprint and log all the operations carried out.

Axis 3: confidentiality

To meet this objective, the electronic archiving system allows the logistical and physical partitioning of documents and then the management of clearances. The latter consists of setting up personalized access rights to each document according to its sensitivity.

Axis 4: availability

This axis aims to make documents accessible and usable to users. They are then indexed and classified in a structured order facilitating research from the software or a management interface.

Axis 5: reversibility

The objective of this axis is to allow the company to recover all its data, documents and evidence logs when it changes device.

The advantages of digital archiving software

By archiving documents via electronic archiving software, you have many advantages:

– space saving: the company saves space, because the documents are now kept on an SSD disk only in an office. The company also benefits from time savings, – time savings: a few clicks are enough to find a document whereas previously, it was necessary to devote long minutes, even hours to research, sorting or even the destruction of documents, – the reduction of expenses relating to the use of paper: the company no longer needs to print invoices, contracts or other supporting documents. The risks of destruction of information by fire and water are limited.

Apart from these advantages, the use of digital archiving software makes it easier to manipulate and share documents. It is possible to access digital data from anywhere. In addition, access to archived data is better secured. As for the information, it can be reproduced on different media, projectors or screens. It is even possible to print it if necessary.

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