Heat pump: How is the installation done?

The heat pump is one of the essential systems in a home. Owning it offers you many advantages such as excellent comfort in your home. However, the installation of such a device is not within everyone's reach. How is a heat pump installed? Find out here what you need to know about it.

Define the ideal location

The first step in installing a heat pump is to determine the locations that the two units that make it up will occupy. This is very important because it plays a role in the proper functioning of your device. Thus, to choose the best locations, you must take into account the surface and the configuration of your accommodation. Your choice should also be influenced by the region in which your home is located.

Also, it is necessary to look at your heat emitters, but also at your current and future electrical connections. This allows you to ensure good compatibility between the characteristics of your heat pump and the various existing connections. It would be appropriate to specify that compliance with these criteria and many others allows your new device to properly fulfill its function.

Call a professional

It would be wise to call on a specialist in the field in order to benefit from a quality installation. Indeed, a professional has all the skills essential to the installation of pac. It will also help you choose the best model by referring to various features. In addition, the installation of a heat pump requires carrying out calculations essentially to determine the power of the heating emitters. Unlike you, the professional installer will be able to manage his various calculations.

Also, it should be noted that the installation of sensors requires a certain rigor and strict compliance with distance standards. It is also important to take note of the nature of your soil as well as the necessary administrative authorizations. When you call on a specialist, he takes care of putting everything in place so that the installation of the heat pump is flawless. In addition, it should be said that even if an individual can install some models of heat pump, certain finishing works require the intervention of a professional. Only the latter has the qualification to handle fluids safely.

Install then connect the different units

The actual installation of your heat pump follows two main lines. The first is to install the units. For the indoor unit, drill a hole in the wall at the location for the equipment. This will serve as a conduit to connect the pipes of the two units. Mount the indoor unit a few meters above the ground and then fix it to the wall. Then check the electrical connections on the unit and run the pipes and cables through the hole in the wall to connect them to the latter.

Regarding the outdoor unit, it must be positioned outside your home in order to capture enough energy in the air. Also, place it near the hole drilled in the wall, but away from a hot or dusty area. It is recommended to fix the outdoor unit on a concrete base covered with a rubber cushion to reduce vibrations. Finally, check the electrical wiring, protect the connections and then turn on your pump. Also, it is essential to remember that the indoor unit and the outdoor module must be positioned at the distances required by the manufacturer to ensure the efficiency and longevity of your device.

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