For An Unusual Seminar: 3 Ideas For Original Places In France

It is not very difficult to find 3 ideas for original places in France for an unusual seminar when you have the right information.

A business seminar is a professional meeting bringing together employees around a program. The objective may be to promote exchanges, to put employees on the same level of information or to determine the follow-up to be given by each department to the company's activity.

Whatever the goal, it is increasingly recommended to organize it in an unusual place, outside the professional framework which is often too rigid. This form of seminar allows activities to take place in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, far from the seriousness of ties.

Discover through this article, a hunting estate, a Breton island and a troglodyte, 3 ideas for original places in France for an unusual seminar, as well as useful advice.

Frames that take you back in time

To propose 3 ideas for original places in France for an unusual seminar, you have to keep in mind the objective of providing an extraordinary feeling in a professional context. To do this, it is useful to find unusual frameworks affecting the sensitivity of the participants.

On a hunting estate

Hunting estates are natural areas that have been developed for tourist purposes. They extend over vast areas, providing visitors with an adequate environment. On these areas, hunting or other activities of the same type are mainly practiced.

However, they can also be dedicated to professional activities.

Programming a seminar in such spaces allows participants to be in contact with nature. They can admire the animals, practice walking and various other group activities. In addition, for any need of tranquility or natural air, these areas are particularly suitable.

It is for this reason that event professionals favor this sector. Companies can therefore also be interested in it.

On a Breton island

Brittany is a region in the far west of France. It is particularly known for its marvelous islands. Its impressive diversity is marked by a magnificent landscape, by beautiful beaches and by forests which offer a rich and varied fauna and flora.

This is the reason why Brittany arouses great interest among tourists and can, rightly, be one of the 3 ideas for original places in France for an unusual seminar.

The Breton islands offer participants in a seminar the possibility of admiring the sea, walking along the beaches, sipping cocktails in an aquarium and feeling the fresh air on their faces. It is also possible to practice activities such as fishing, walking, hiking or yoga.

In addition, photography enthusiasts can take advantage of the view and the wonderful landscape to immortalize past moments.

In a troglodyte

Dating back to prehistoric times, the troglodyte is a form of architecture consisting of building houses within the rocks. It is an unusual place strongly linked to the civilization and history of the region in which it is located. Taking part in a seminar in a troglodyte allows you to:

– Get to know the history of the region better; – Experience the sensation of sleeping in a rock; – Discover the artistic riches of the region.

The troglodyte also makes it possible to hold meetings by taking advantage of the natural freshness provided by the sedimentary rocks.

In addition to these 3 ideas for original places in France for an unusual seminar, various other ideas are available on the website This website is that of Officeriders, a company that provides temporary executives for seminars and business meetings.

When renting a seminar room, the website provides access to a multitude of original places, likely to boost the creativity of work teams and stimulate their productivity and performance.

A few tips for organizing your seminar well

Once the choice has been made among the 3 ideas of original places in France for an unusual seminar, it is important to prepare the holding of the seminar in advance to ensure its success. To do this, several preparations are required, some of which are presented here.

Plan a budget

To avoid any disturbance, a provisional budget of the expenditure to be made must be established. It takes into account the estimate provided by the event agency and the margin to be provided for occasional expenses.

Provide accommodation

Depending on the number of participants and to guard against any last-minute unavailability, it is important to provide accommodation solutions. Prior reservation of the room provided for the seminar is also necessary.

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