Event: Which Personalized Choker To Choose?

Are you preparing for a show, a fair, or any other professional event? Think of personalized lanyards!

Le Tour de Cou is both effective in terms of communication and practical in terms of event organization. For your communication, the lanyard is fully customizable. You can choose the color, gradients, and effects of your choice. You can also choose a logo, or a slogan to appear on your neckband. These marking possibilities will allow you to support your brand image and gain visibility!

In terms of organization, you can associate a badge holder with the lanyard, which will allow you to distinguish volunteers, participants, staff, or any other person present at the event. In this way, the work of your staff will be more optimized and you will be able to delimit certain spaces (VIP zones, exhibitor zones, dressing rooms, etc.). You can also choose to assign a color to the lanyard by category: for example a red lanyard for all volunteers, a black lanyard for participants…

In this article, we will advise you on the choice of your lanyards, so that your event is a success from all points of view!

Opt for a personalized neckband

Choose to personalize your lanyards to your image, and benefit from a unique promotional item! Thanks to this neck cord, catch the eye of as many people as possible and gain visibility.

You can fully customize your badge lanyard: choose your color, your logo, your slogan, you can even choose to apply effects! Sometimes, it is even possible to choose different options such as a safety clip, a detachable clip… All these variants allow you to have a neck strap personalized in your image, unique, and very practical!

It is important for your communication to call on professionals. Indeed, lanyards are reusable and you must therefore make strategic choices for the image of your company, association, community… Professionals in the sector of activity are used to and know their products perfectly, so it is advisable to call on them for the realization of your lanyards. In addition, you will be sure to benefit from quality badge lanyards.

Several markings are possible for personalized lanyards, so take care, before ordering, to know what the marking possibilities are according to the machines used.

Polyester or satin lanyard?

There are two different satin materials for your chokers: polyester satin and cotton satin.

The polyester satin choker is perfectly suited for sublimation printing. It is this material that we favor to personalize the badge lanyards. This ideal material for printing will allow the choker to be of better quality and thus to last over time.

The cotton satin lanyard is too thick to be used in printing. On the other hand, it is ideal for plain chokers, in a single color.

Alternatives to the classic choker

You can also opt for the round woven lanyard. This is a little used and original lanyard. Indeed, it is a quality lanyard that reinforces your brand image. Round woven lanyards stand out from most others for their extreme quality. These original lanyards can also be equipped with many accessories and options that further enhance the impact they can produce. Do not hesitate to inquire with a professional.

Combine your Tour de Cou with a fully customizable satin strap. Here again you can choose to personalize your bracelet from A to Z. Choose the thickness of the bracelet, the marking of the bracelet, or the possible options such as metal or PVC rings…

For greater efficiency of your lanyard, choose the badge holder that suits you. Choose badge holders that adapt to the option chosen on your lanyard. Different dimensions and different options are available for badge holders.

Who to turn to for the creation of a choker?

As mentioned several times, it is important to turn to real professionals for the creation and realization of your choker. They will be able to advise you, and allow you to make the right choices.

Be careful not to get lost in the options! Your lanyard can have several uses and it is for this reason that it is important to choose it well and to design it with real professionals in the sector of activity.

In particular, there are several alternatives that can be a good idea for an event, such as the cup holder lanyard offered by lanyard.pub. But if you want to reuse the choker for an event that does not need the cup holder, your choker cannot be reused. It is for this reason that you must turn to professionals who will direct you to the right product.

The Boutique du Tour de Cou is staffed with real professionals who accompany you from the design to the realization of your product. The shop also offers different options that can be useful for your event. It also gives you a wide choice of deadlines. In this way, you are sure to receive your product on time for your event!

Choker prices vary a lot but you can find very competitive prices that are among the lowest prices on the web. For example, by opting for a D+20 or D+30 delay offered by the Boutique du Tour de Cou, you are sure to benefit from the most attractive prices.

For your shows, fairs, commercial events or any other gathering requiring special organization: opt for personalized lanyards. In addition to being a real object of communication, it will facilitate the organization of your staff. You can, thanks to these lanyards, delimit spaces easily and authorize access to certain people. Moreover, it is undeniably one of the elements that can boost the visibility of a stand during an event.

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