Doubtful Work Stoppages: What Are Your Means of Action?

Does one of your employees carry out another activity during his sick days? Does he benefit from a stoppage of indulgence? If so, how to demonstrate this dubious stoppage of work? Read these few explanations.

Organize a medical check-up and surprise visit

This medical check must be carried out by the practitioner appointed by your company. He can also be a professional expert in this kind of activity. Be that as it may, the medical visit should not be carried out by a social security consultant technician or an occupational doctor from your establishment. It is at the home of the person concerned or at the home declared for his convalescence that the counter-visit is carried out. The date and time of the medical check-up are chosen without the knowledge of the employee. It should be noted, however, that the bill for this visit is borne by the employer.

So, the counter-visit carried out in the event of doubt about sick leave makes it possible to determine whether the reasons for the work stoppage are justified. For the surprise visit to take place, the employee must meet all the seniority conditions that have been established for salary maintenance. Thanks to this procedure, the employer can examine all the hours of leave to which the employee is subject, the duration and the merits of his work stoppage. If you need help, call this company to put an end to abusive work stoppages.

Stop paying the salary supplement

If the counter-visit determines that the person concerned is not able to work, the employee must continue to receive compensation until the end of his work stoppage. In addition, you can suspend the salary supplement from the day of the medical examination. The suspension of the salary is also effective when the practitioner considers that the work stoppage is inappropriate. If the employee refuses the medical check-up without any justification, if he is not present at his home and cannot exonerate this absence outside the authorized outing hours, the payment of his additional salary will be cancelled.

The consequences of the medical report are effective in the future. If the salary supplement is paid before the counter-visit, the employer cannot demand reimbursement. In the same logic, the latter cannot, after the visit of the doctor, decline the support of a new work stoppage. Regarding the management of your business, know that professionals are at your disposal.

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