Does Energy Transition Really Mean Savings?

The debate on the energy transition does not only concern individuals. Companies are also concerned in the sense that they can find great interest in it. In reality, just as with individuals, the energy transition allows legal entities to save money. It has a positive impact on the amount of electricity bills, on the lifespan of the various electrical equipment and many others. If you are still wondering how it benefits you, here are some answers.

Energy transition: an economical solution for businesses

The energy transition is of significant economic interest for companies on different levels.

Reduction of electricity bills

The maintenance of electrical installations that run on oil or gas represents a significant cost that increases the electricity bills of businesses. Opting for the transition to other forms of energy will reduce the cost of electricity, which is an economic advantage for your organization.

Choosing a broker to save money

As a company, you can also reduce the amount of your electricity bill by opting for an electricity supplier that promotes the energy transition. Indeed, since the opening of the energy market to the private sector, service providers have become numerous and the choice is more difficult for the consumer.

Choosing the best offer for your company then becomes a challenge for many managers. In terms of energy transition, using the help of a broker such as that offered by SirEnergies is a safe alternative to make the task easier and save money.

The energy broker: what concrete help?

The broker makes an in-depth study of the rates charged by the various players in order to present the best proposals to associations or companies. It accompanies and advises them in their desire to optimize their consumption. The energy transition also implies a new mode of consumption. Businesses are large consumers of electricity because of the equipment they use to run their business.

With appropriate support based on the analysis of your data, the broker helps you to better optimize the company's energy sources. Helping you consume better and finding the cheapest offer on the market for you are the two poles on which the energy broker bases itself to help you save money.

Increasing the lifespan of equipment

The energy transition also has the advantage of promoting a longer lifespan for your equipment. It advocates the judicious use of electricity. The devices are therefore no longer constantly supplied with power as before. Their amortization time therefore becomes longer. This means that they will not be renewed as quickly as in the past. Your company will be able to benefit from its equipment even longer without having to face repair costs.

Reduction of transport expenses

In the performance of their duties, employees are required to travel. However, this mobility is not always controlled and generates more fuel expenditure which contributes even more to environmental pollution.

In the context of an energy transition, it is recommended that companies encourage their employees, among other things, to use public transport or the bicycle, to use carpooling, etc. The development of teleworking and the establishment of a car-sharing service are also solutions to consider.

Energy transition: how to do it in business?

In order to reduce the burden on the company's finances, here are the right steps to take.

Choose an electricity supplier that encourages the energy transition

To better control your company's finances and preserve the environment in which it operates, the choice of electricity supplier must be made taking into account the type of electricity supplied. The different energy suppliers available on the market do not offer the same offer.

Many of them only offer electricity produced from thermal power stations. Only a few are developing strategies to operationalize the energy transition. Your choice should be more oriented towards those operators committed to reducing the impact of energy expenditure on the environment.

Efficient use of IT devices

The energy transition involves making efficient use of the various equipment used in companies. It is therefore important, after the execution of a task, to simply switch off the devices and switch them on again only when necessary.

Another way to optimize energy expenditure is to avoid installing the same equipment in each office that can be used for collective use. All you have to do is install one that can be used by everyone when needed. For example , a remote access system will have to be created, as is the case for printers, and each employee will be able to use the equipment from their office.

This measure of efficient use of IT devices also concerns audiovisual equipment installed in different locations. They must be operated only during periods when the company records a strong presence of customers or partners and during break times so that the staff can take advantage of it to relax.

Reduce the hours of lighting of the premises

The lighting of offices and outdoor spaces must now benefit from rigorous monitoring. It must be provided only during working hours for better optimization. In the absence of staff at night, weekends and public holidays, the lighting must be switched off.

The same applies to the billboards installed in front of the company's premises. Their commissioning must be done strategically and in compliance with the regulations in force. In addition to good lighting management, it is also necessary to install LED bulbs to minimize electricity consumption.

Close automatic doors and windows

Automatic doors should be kept closed to avoid waste. Indeed, they are used to maintain the temperature of the rooms. In winter, they retain heat and in summer, they retain coolness. Leaving them open results in heat loss and therefore a waste of energy, because they operate using electricity.

In addition to closing automatic doors, it is essential to also close all exits that can let in outside air. For this, it is necessary to put foams below and above the doors as well as the windows. This simple gesture will allow the company to considerably reduce its energy costs.

Carry out an energy audit

Carrying out an energy audit makes it possible to detect energy faults within the company. This allows you to see which sources or equipment are driving up electricity bills. It is therefore a question of making an inventory of all the company's installations to measure the performance of each of them. This concerns both the interior and exterior of buildings.

The results of this study will enable the company to take appropriate measures to improve its energy consumption. This may require renovation work and the change of some energy-intensive equipment. This also involves raising staff awareness of the adoption of responsible eco-gestures. For large companies, carrying out the energy audit is required by law and must be done every 4 years.

The energy transition rhymes perfectly well with savings for companies. It allows them to have total control of their energy consumption and to reduce equipment purchases after misuse. Thanks to the transition, companies develop responsible behaviors to avoid waste and achieve more margins. To be accompanied in this transition, the use of an energy broker is an effective alternative. This professional will allow you, among other things, to choose the best offer on the market adapted to your activities.

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