Discover the FPS Group, Specialist in Industrial Cleaning and Maintenance

To ensure the proper functioning of a company, rigorous management and a long-term vision are essential. However, we should not forget certain less celebrated aspects of the world of work which contribute just as much to the success and good reputation of companies. Industrial cleaning and maintenance of premises, eminently less valued, are nevertheless essential to the well-being of employees as well as to the prestige of any structure.

Since 1952 and its beginnings in Marseille, the France Propreté Services Group or FPS has been a major and dynamic player in professional maintenance. A protean know-how and a well-thought-out growth strategy have enabled it to extend its catchment area to the entire South-East French sector and more recently to Paris. Always at the forefront of innovation, the group puts its experience and staff at your disposal to polish your brand image. Presentation.

The FPS Group, from industrial cleaning to the maintenance of company premises

France Propreté Services is a group of companies whose activity includes various aspects of industrial cleaning and maintenance of business premises. Their agents can intervene in a wide variety of structures, such as factories, tertiary offices, medical offices or shops, but also in non-market structures such as the common areas of condominiums.

On their site, you will find details of all the services offered by the companies in the group. Their agents take care of all aspects of maintenance and more. From changing light bulbs, carpets and false ceilings to carpentry, plumbing or painting, they provide all the technical maintenance of buildings and thus position themselves as essential B2B contacts for companies.

Multiple services for an always impeccable cleaning

To satisfy their customers, FPS Group companies are constantly training in the most advanced cleaning techniques. The permanent availability of their teams allows them to intervene at staggered times, very early in the morning or late in the evening. An essential characteristic so as not to interfere with the production of industrial centers or business premises in the tertiary sector and shops.

Their speakers are experienced in all the industrial cleaning techniques necessary in the world of industry. From degreasing to cleaning industrial hoods, including high-pressure washing, storage or cleaning after a disaster, they facilitate the fluidification of the activity. But their services also include the cleaning of carpets, carpets or marbles, essential to make your company's headquarters shine in the eyes of your visitors.

Versatile cleaning know-how

The FPS Group, thanks to a long experience and continuous training of its teams, can thus intervene in a wide range of structures. All professional premises in the tertiary sector can thus benefit from the high value-added skills of the staff involved, while building managers can delegate the maintenance of common areas to FPS for impeccable results and perfect harmony in residential buildings.

Their knowledge of health risks and food safety make FPS teams the perfect contacts for intervening in the food industry. In general, the factories will benefit from the skills of the workers to ensure the industrial cleaning of the work and reception premises. Even the construction sector will find an interest in the services of FPS, in particular to clean up construction sites after completion.

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