Digital Printing, A Revolution Within Reach!

From its inception until today, digital printing has not stopped evolving. Now, this impressive printing technique can be found in small, medium and large companies alike. Accustomed to offset, you are still skeptical about this revolution in the field of printing? Well, in the following article, we'll show you why you absolutely need to go digital.

Transition from offset printing to digital air

There is a clear difference between offset printing and digital printing. Investing in the latter is a major challenge for your business. Unlike offset, digital prints perform even better. They are not only fast, but also very cost effective. What is the difference between these two types of printing?

offset printing

Offset printing follows a traditional process. Before transferring the texts or the images on the paper, we first apply the ink, then we engrave the image on the aluminum plates, then the printing… It is a very long expensive process but profitable to from a certain number of draws.

digital printing

With digital printing, the process is easier and faster. The ink is applied directly to the paper for more efficiency. It is a process without the need for a large infrastructure and is only profitable on small print quantities. Beyond a certain threshold, the ink used becomes more expensive.

The benefits of digital printing

For a company, choosing digital printing has many advantages. First of all, regarding the cost, digital prints are the cheapest but under certain conditions. Indeed, with this type of printing, you can skip the expensive storage costs as well as bulk orders in large volumes. Aside from that, digital printing also makes it easier for you to land a deal. It helps you to have an optimal supply chain, reduce your production costs.

In terms of settings, you will have a wide choice. You will therefore have the advantage of bringing a more contemporary style to your prints and making them evolve more easily because digital printing allows you to be totally flexible in the customization of prints. Also, by using digital printing, you will have the privilege of creating personalized packaging according to your types of products. Your customers will only be satisfied.

Find a service provider for your digital printing

You want to realize your digital printing projects. However, you do not know where to find the best service provider to support you in this project. Know that there are several solutions to print your various documents in a fairly simple, fast and efficient way.

local printer

First of all, you can perfectly go to a local printer. Most of these professionals currently use digital printing. If some can still offer you offset printing for your requests for large print runs, it is a safe bet that you will switch to a totally digital universe. You will therefore have no worries about the price of the printing which will be adjusted according to your request.

Online printing

Otherwise, if you do not have enough time to move, you can do everything through the protagonists of online printing. Today, many printers work on the internet to help you optimize your time. Just go to a reliable printer's website, request a quote and place your order. Delivery will be made as soon as possible. Their real added value is undoubtedly the speed of execution of the service from order taking to delivery. Likewise with automated tools they allow you to lower your bill. This advantage is to the detriment of some disadvantages such as the use of their own standardized template under penalty of obtaining a result different from that which you expected. Another element, if you want specifics for your printing, expect your quote to be re-evaluated significantly upwards. Another problem, the delivery date, even if it is indicated in your order form, nothing guarantees you an accurate delivery due to a failure on the transport side. Turning to a local printer can ultimately be one of the best solutions for any company looking for support, optimized costs, flexibility and guaranteed service.

In order to find the best site for your digital printing, we advise you to compare the different offers before deciding. So, do you want to lead your business to success and retain your customers? Go digital for all your printing projects!

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