Cryptocurrency payment

Everyone has heard of cryptocurrencies in recent years, but too few seriously educate themselves on how they work and what they are for. Know that it is never too late to understand something that seems beyond us.

We will explain how and why to pay in cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies are not just about speculation

We all know that the vast majority of people who are interested in cryptocurrencies are motivated by the desire to derive financial benefit from them. This is the image that crypto-currencies send back: the way to make a lot of money by having bet on the right horse.

Fortunately, crypto-currencies are not just about that. This is a real technological breakthrough. We must first understand the meaning behind the creation of a crypto-currency before looking at the interest of being able to pay in crypto-currency on a daily basis.

Cryptocurrencies as an alternative to traditional currencies

Then comes a question that we naturally ask ourselves. But why complicate life and use virtual currencies instead of traditional currencies.

Currency has been used since the dawn of time as an exchange and people are generally resistant to change. Very good arguments in favor of cryptocurrencies are then necessary to motivate a tipping point.

If projects related to crypto-currencies arouse so much interest from investors, it is because the technology behind these innovations is worth the effort. Without going into too technical details, we will see together the advantages of crypto-currencies.

Advantages of cryptocurrencies over traditional currencies

When you use cryptocurrency, you maintain your anonymity. In addition, your financial accessibility is much greater. These assets are born of a very important operation: that of a decentralized infrastructure. The goal is to return power to individuals, not to central banks.

Another significant advantage, blockchain technology has constituted an anti-inflationary system. Which means that the virtual currency you hold will continue to increase in value over time. Unlike banknotes, cryptocurrencies cannot be printed at will.

The simple fact of being decentralized is opposed to the dependence on the banks. Individuals retain full control over the management of their finances. We are therefore talking about a real revolution that is really in everyone's interest.

Why and how to pay in cryptocurrency?

Now that you have understood how revolutionary the use of cryptocurrencies is while being in the interest of the population, we would like to tell you about the solutions that exist today to allow you to pay in cryptocurrency.

To take advantage of all the advantages we have presented to you, it is still necessary that the use of these crypto-currencies be possible on a daily basis. Unfortunately, until now, cryptocurrency payments were tedious and too complex for the general public.

This is the mission that the Lyzi application has taken up. Lyzi's goal is to implement a simple, efficient and secure cryptocurrency payment system.

How to pay in cryptocurrency using Lyzi? Just download the app at first. Then, when it's time to make a payment with your cryptocurrencies, enter the amount in euros you want to spend.

The application takes care of displaying a cryptocurrency equivalence and also generates a QR code to scan. A merchant who has also downloaded the application can scan the famous QR code. The transaction is thus validated, and you have paid in euros using your crypto-currencies. It is therefore a rather classic electronic payment, very simple and very secure. What are you waiting for to start paying in cryptocurrency?

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