Cosmetic Software: What Does It Consist Of?

Cosmetics is a field that requires a minimum of application and scrupulous respect of established standards. This market occupies an important place in France, since cosmetic products are among the most exported goods. The various companies in this sector face several challenges and constraints, related in particular to compliance with traceability, product safety, the specific needs of each country, customer expectations and competitiveness. In such a context, the use of specialized tools such as cosmetic software is increasingly necessary. Focus!

Cosmetic software, quesaco?

Cosmetic software is a computer program whose specificities allow optimal management of a cosmetics company, ensuring a holistic view of the entire production process, from the purchase of ingredients to the sale of products. More specifically, he intervenes first of all in the supply and conservation of raw materials, then in the choice and analysis of products, which are not all authorised.

Indeed, in cosmetics, some products are prohibited and others are subject to restrictions. The use of cosmetic software avoids errors of judgment which could lead to sanctions. Moreover, such a computer program ensures better management of the formulas and of all the documentation associated with the products: we speak more specifically of cosmetic formulation.

This is a dynamic process that involves several parties: the authors of the research resulting in the formula, the marketing department and finally the administrative department, which is responsible for verifying the compliance of the product with the regulations in force. All the information provided by these stakeholders contributes to the design of the product, and is of paramount importance.

What are the advantages?

The cosmetic software is used to centralize all of this data and simplify the operation of the company, from cosmetic formulation to product marketing. Concretely, it allows quick access to the updated list of prohibited substances, offers classification of test results and labeling management, which optimizes the organization and productivity of cosmetics professionals.

With this computer program, it is possible to formulate more quickly, to simulate the feasibility of a project and to automatically calculate the quantities of ingredients required. That said, although cosmetic software alone can already make a big difference, it is much more advantageous to combine it with BtoB software, to maximize sales.

CRM and cosmetics software: an advantageous duo?

A CRM is a computer program that gives more specifically a global view of sales and marketing processes. It makes it possible to trace on all the sales channels (merchant sites, marketplaces, etc.) and contact points (email campaign, SMS, etc.) several customer information.

Thus, the association of cosmetic software with a CRM in a company specializing in the manufacture of beauty products will only optimize its productivity and its turnover. The CRM will allow better control of all aspects of the customer relationship at various levels, whether contact, development of commitment through commercial actions, or customer loyalty. customer base!

It goes without saying that to take full advantage of the benefits of using these computer programs, it is important to make a good choice of cosmetic software. The selection must take into account the requirements of each company involved in the cosmetics industry, while adapting to the budget allocated to the acquisition of CRM and cosmetic formulation software.

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