Corporate Brochure: What's The Impact Of The Presentation?

A company brochure is an essential communication tool. Delivered in the hands of visitors to your exhibition or placed on the desk after a meeting with clients, it is very effective. It is therefore important to pay particular attention to its presentation. Find out what a business brochure is really for. What are the steps to follow to make it a success? Why is presentation so important?

The corporate brochure: what is it for?

This is a document to promote your business. This support is composed of several sheets connected with pins or simply folded suitably. It is available in several formats and has between 4 and 50 pages.

A company brochure is very useful to present the company in its best light. It is a kind of identity card that reflects your brand image. It retraces the highlights of the company and emphasizes its strengths.

In addition, it greatly facilitates the sales process. The products or the different activities of the company are generally highlighted in the brochure. Well presented, the latter makes it possible to attract potential customers or future consumers. It provides complete information to those who are interested in the products or services offered by the company.

It can be found on your company premises or on a display on your stand. It is also possible to give the brochure directly to a prospect to allow him to contact you again if the offers proposed during the meeting interested him. However, more and more companies are also adopting brochures in digital format.

The benefits of a business brochure

Corporate brochures have many advantages. They are meant to last over time. Indeed, customers or consumers can keep them and leaf through them as many times as they wish.

A company brochure can contain a great deal of information relating to the company and its activities. It is a very effective communication tool for transmitting messages to targets. In general, we find in a brochure the logo and the name of the company, descriptions of services or products and the contacts of the company.

The other advantage with corporate brochures is that you can always take them with you. They can be read in a waiting room, on a bus or in the office. Moreover, its design can easily be adapted to the target audience.

Finally, many marketers opt for brochures because it is an economical solution. It is indeed suitable for small and medium-sized companies with a more limited budget: a specialized agency such as eoz offers the printing of a file or a brochure according to the instructions and the specific needs of the company.

How to design a successful business brochure?

Its presentation must be well cared for to attract the attention of customers and encourage them to leaf through the different pages. Here's the basics of what you need to know to successfully design your business brochure.

Define the objectives and the target of the brochure

The first step in creating a brochure is to set the goals. Indeed, the orientation of conception and design largely depends on the goal to be achieved. This varies from company to company. The brochure can be created to present a range of products, highlight an event, launch a new product or even promote an offer.

Knowing the objectives to be achieved is an essential step. This makes it easy to meet customer expectations and needs. To better understand them, it is possible to use personas.

Create a unique design in the image of the company

A corporate brochure helps bring out the best in your business through a design that truly differentiates it from your competition. Also, a well-presented brochure can arouse the curiosity of the target audience. The contents must also be striking in order to be able to mark the minds of those who will read the brochure. A successful layout captures the reader for longer.

To obtain these results, it is advisable to turn to professionals. They have the skills required to bring out the right design and content for your brochure.

In any case, the following points must be observed:

– choose attractive images, of good resolution and in adequacy with the objectives of the brochure – adopt a color palette corresponding to the identity of the company – select quality paper – use brief and synthetic contents – opt for eye- catching titles on the cover page

It is also necessary to ensure that the whole is airy and structured to be easily readable.

Types of formats and bindings

The company brochure or commercial brochure is most often in the form of an A3 sheet folded in half. The most common orientation is “portrait”.

The choice of format is essential. Indeed, if you plan to distribute your brochures at an exhibition or trade fair, think about designing brochures that are easy to carry with a reduced format. Larger brochures may be suitable for customers attending a business meeting, or a waiting room. If you also want to include a lot of information in your brochure, consider choosing a larger format.

The A4 format is the most popular since it facilitates layouts and is less expensive than other formats. Prints on paper can benefit from a wide range of weights and various qualitative finishes (gloss, matte, with selective varnish, satin, embossed).

There are also different options for binding the pages of a brochure:

– saddle-stitched binding, the pages are folded and bound by staples – glued square back binding, the pages are nested and glued in a square-backed cover – spiral binding, the sheets are assembled using metal spirals

The type of binding must be chosen according to the number of pages and the desired final result. For example, staple binding allows the pages to open completely, which makes the brochure easier to read. As for the glued square back binding, it has the advantage of holding a large number of sheets well.

The company brochure is a real asset for any company that wishes to make itself known or further develop its notoriety. It must be well presented so that potential customers can be interested in its content. Simplicity must be reconciled with originality to stand out from competitors.

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