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There is a significant difference between the gross salary and the net salary of a worker. The nature and amount of the deductions allocated to the gross salary to obtain the net salary appear on the payslip. However, it is often difficult to decipher all the mentions that appear in the payslip. The employee must be fully aware of the allocation and use of the amounts deducted from his gross salary in order to be able to calculate and understand how his net salary is defined. Using a gross to net converter is an easy and quick alternative to determining the exact amount of the net salary.

What are the deductions made from the gross salary to obtain the net salary?

Seeing their payslip and in particular the amount of their net salary compared to gross, employees generally have the impression that the deductions considerably reduce their purchasing power.

In reality, the largest part of the sums deducted from the gross salary corresponds to employee contributions. This is the share of social security contributions payable by each employee. These deductions, which represent 22% of the gross salary, are transferred to Social Security and then redistributed in the form of social benefits. All contributing employees are reimbursed for medication, consultations and hospitalization costs. Social security contributions also finance maternity, industrial accident and occupational disease insurance, retirement, unemployment and health expenses for members of the employee's family.

Taxes are also included in withholding taxes and are allocated to the State budget. Taxes are used, in fact, to finance public works such as the construction of hospitals, the rehabilitation of roads…

How to calculate the net salary?

Using an online gross to net converter is a convenient, fast and efficient solution to accurately define the net salary. This alternative allows the employee to calculate the exact amount of his net salary. Knowing the precise amount of salary received at the end of the month is essential to optimize the management of the personal budget.

The worker can freely access the gross net conversion tool on a dedicated site. Once on the platform, all they have to do is fill in the various sections that appear.

In particular, it must clearly indicate:

– his professional status: non-executive employee, executive, civil servant, self-employed worker, wage portage worker; – the number of months of conventional premium: 12 months, 13 months, 14 months, 15 months or 16 months; – work time ; – the amount of his gross hourly wage; – the amount of his gross monthly salary;- the amount of his gross annual salary; – the tax rate on his salary.

The difference between the gross salary and the net salary is very important. Mandatory levies are particularly high. However, it is important to specify that all employees and their family members benefit from the Social Security system. The contribution to employee contributions guarantees that the worker has real protection in the event of an incident affecting their health or their ability to work.

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