Checklist For Choosing Your Equipped Office Rental In Clermont-Ferrand

Unlike renting bare premises, renting equipped offices offers many advantages. Generally referred to as coworking spaces, or shared workspaces, these next-generation offices encompass a whole range of services. If you are wondering if you should opt for this solution, here are the elements to take into consideration to make your choice. In the Auvergne region, you will find several coworking spaces in Clermont-Ferrand and on the outskirts.

What type of activity for coworking?

You are concerned if your activity relates to the marketing of services, intellectual services, tertiary activities in all cases. It is the ideal place for start-ups, freelancers and independents. You cannot store products or goods there, but you can receive the public. For example, a trainer can organize his courses there. These business centers offer individual offices, shared offices, meeting rooms, auditorium-type conference rooms, and a convivial space for informal exchanges.

Emulation due to the diversity of talents

You will find in these workspaces other entrepreneurs, with skills that can be useful to you. You can draw help, sometimes clients, from it. Here it is a question of networking, exchanges, joint projects, business opportunities.

Turing 22 in Clermont-Ferrand

The Turing 22 space located on the outskirts of Clermont-Ferrand, on the Pardieu technology park, offers you solutions studied for a perfect start of your activity. You will be able to domicile your company in complete safety. You will find private offices, shared offices or mobile access. A courier service and a concierge service, combined with supplies of computer equipment (except computer), will allow you to develop your business in the best conditions. You can enjoy a rest room, a healthy bar, several terraces and a gym. In the heart of Auvergne and in the center of France, Turing 22 will allow you to shine locally, but also in national and international exchanges. Discover your new office rental in Clermont-Ferrand.

The advantages of renting serviced offices compared to a commercial lease

When you rent a room to make it your office, you will have to provide many documents such as the statutes of the company, a K-Bis extract, the last 3 balance sheets or an operating account, guarantees, a deposit, etc.. The premises in question must be located in a building intended for professional use, you cannot domicile your business there if the co-ownership trustee prohibits it. Also note that if you are required to receive the public, your premises must meet certain safety and accessibility standards.

When you rent an office in a workspace, the principle is different. You do not sign a lease, but a contract for the provision of equipped office services. You only have one monthly bill to pay.

Costs to consider

By integrating such a structure, your contract includes the supply of numerous equipment such as printers, scanners, wi-fi, a telephone line, fire protection, an alarm, heating, cleaning or air conditioning. Make your calculation by comparing what it would cost you to set up at your own expense in an empty space and renting equipped offices.

Things to know before renting your office

The duration of a rental of equipped offices varies by the hour, half-day, day, week or month. You are not bound by any commitment. You can choose different sizes of spaces depending on the development of your business.

Shared workspaces are enjoying unprecedented popularity in Clermont-Ferrand. A city on the move and which has taken the turn of teleworking.

As you will have understood, renting a coworking space is not limited to renting a simple workplace. This is a space dedicated to professionals to meet all their needs, and freeing them from material worries. They can devote themselves entirely to the development of their activity.

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