Chartered Accountant Firm: Missions For The Development Of SMEs

Good management of a company's finances is one of the sine qua non conditions for its sustainability. To this end, entrepreneurs must entrust the accounting of their SME to an experienced professional. However, internal recruitment will certainly increase the salary burden of the company. As an alternative, it is wiser to opt for outsourcing this service. In this perspective, the use of an accounting firm is essential. But before requesting such a structure, it will be necessary to find out about its areas of expertise. Back to the usefulness of an accountant.

Accounting firm: how to find it?

Obviously, a company cannot function without resorting to the services of an accounting specialist. But while waiting to better soak up his skills, you must master the channels through which to find an accountant firm. From this perspective, different options are available to entrepreneurs.

They can, for example, use search engines such as Google to identify an offer near their head office. They can also consult the professional directory made available to the public by the National Council of the Order of Chartered Accountants (CNOEC). In addition, selection criteria such as: the number of years of experience, customer reviews and references of the firm must guide the prospect. Once the specialist has been identified, it will then be necessary to know his areas of expertise. They are listed as follows.

Giving advice to entrepreneurs

Business accounting is a very complex discipline to understand. It is also governed by strict regulations. Since the entrepreneur is not a specialist in the field, he may violate the standards in this area. Hence the need for him to seek the advice of an accountant. These enlightened opinions concern the best tax, social and legal arrangements to be made. These will allow the SME to avoid possible tax adjustments, social conflicts and disputes with its business partners. In addition, the firm can guide business leaders towards the most efficient invoicing software on the market. In short, this expertise allows entrepreneurs to manage their company with complete peace of mind.

Business plan analysis

The success of a project depends on the consistency of the established business plan. This document describes the different strategies put in place to achieve the objectives. This is technical support that can also allow you to obtain financing from a partner bank. However, before its finalization, it is important to submit it to the assessment of a firm of chartered accountants. This structure is able to assess the relevance of the financial arrangement. It also checks whether your canvas incorporates the main components of financial forecasts. These include, among other things, the cash flow statement, the break-even point and the summary of investments.

Creation of the balance sheet each year

Tax services require companies to submit an annual balance sheet. It allows them to calculate your taxes. It is also used to convince banks and other investors of the solvency of your company. This document, in principle balanced in terms of expenditure and income, is drawn up according to a very precise methodology. This is precisely mastered by the accountant. You will therefore need his service for the establishment of a valid balance sheet.

investment advice

SME promoters can also use a chartered accountant to make profitable investments. To do this, the professional carries out a study of the market as well as the analysis of the impact of the project on the operation of the company. Above all, it helps the decision-maker to make the best choice, through different simulations. In short, the firm presents a global view of the offer to the entrepreneur so that he understands its strengths and limitations.

tax exemption advice

The French State has provided for a certain number of tax exemption programs for businesses. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages. You will therefore need the skills of an accountant to decrypt them for you. The latter will also be able to advise you on the tax niches best suited to your needs.

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