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A water leak is flooding your bathroom? Has your water heater broken down? The sink is clogged, but the usual DIY for minor problems does not solve the problem? Worse still, the problem occurs at night, on weekends or on public holidays? You need to call a plumber urgently, but you don't know which one to call. There are so many breakdown service offers that the choice is not always easy. Here are some practical tips if you need an emergency plumber in Paris or elsewhere. This guide saves you from some unpleasant surprises commonly encountered in home troubleshooting.

Plumbing problems: call on qualified craftsmen

All you have to do is launch a plumber's call in Paris (or anywhere else) to see a horde of "professionals" ready to come to your rescue. Unfortunately, the home repair sector (including plumbing repairs) is very affected by scams. In France, nearly a thousand complaints were registered in 2017 due to fraudulent or misleading acts by so-called plumbers. Thus, turning only to qualified craftsmen is highly recommended.

But how to tell the difference between the real professionals and the others? The choice is not easy, especially since there are many companies in France specializing in this type of service.

Making sure of his experience and know-how is mandatory before calling on an emergency plumber in Paris. A company that has been offering its services for 20 years or more is necessarily more reliable to take care of your plumbing emergency in Paris. Such a well-established structure obviously offers the services of qualified and experienced plumbers, professional enough to solve any plumbing problem in the rules of the art. And given the urgency of the situation, a professional plumber will make the difference by rushing to the site in less than 30 minutes. No long wait is indeed tolerable in a plumber emergency.

Other factors testify to the seriousness of a plumbing company:

– Its registration in the trade and companies register – Its reputation with consumers – The length of time it has occupied its premises (unscrupulous companies often change their address, especially if they are targeted by the Departmental Directorate of Protection populations)- Its availability to discuss with the customer beforehand on the phone before moving instead of rushing to the scene and subtly forcing the hand of the consumer.

How to avoid scams?

The ideal way to call an emergency plumber in Paris is not to call the first number that comes to hand. Ideally, as soon as it is installed in the neighborhood or in the building, it is advisable to ask the coordinates of a reliable plumber from the neighbors or the caretaker. This advice is valid for both individuals and businesses. Blogs like Entreprise et Compagnie will teach you that this kind of “detail” is very important in the management of an SME. If there is a problem, we call him, he repairs the leak (or any other plumbing problem) and we get back to the normal course of his life as soon as possible. However, not everyone has the reflex to ask for the plumber's number when arriving in a neighborhood. In this case, it will be necessary to turn to a professional recommended by relatives.

Finding a professional plumber who isn't likely to charge you thousands of dollars for a simple job also sometimes depends on how eager you are. Badly caring people take advantage when the consumer panics because of his plumbing emergency. It is therefore more advisable to take a step back before calling the emergency plumber in Paris or another city.

Obviously the intervention and the know-how of an emergency plumber is unavoidable for certain serious cases (ex: water damage) For a breakdown of flushing, you should call a professional anyway, but do not don't panic. This would be an opportunity for scammers to make you pay a high price for a routine intervention.

On the other hand, ask for an estimate before the intervention, even if it is urgent. You should know that most home repair scams are linked to overbilling. And it is possible especially when there is no estimate previously established before the work. The estimate is strongly recommended whether the concern concerns the hot water tank, the sink, the shower or other. Not committing you to anything, this document does not oblige you to accept the intervention of the plumber. You can refuse the intervention if the quote is too expensive. In this case, you will only have to pay the transport costs of the person and call another emergency plumber in Paris. Moreover, it is sometimes preferable to compare several quotes, offered by several professionals in several districts of Paris before finding the right one.

Calling a plumber urgently in Paris requires certain precautions to avoid scams. You will have no trouble finding a good plumber in Paris 15 and in any other arrondissement of the capital if you call a serious company instead of dialing the first number found on a prospectus, for example. The number of complaints about scams on home repairs continues to increase and plumbing services are indeed part of it. If ever you or a loved one is a victim, know that as a consumer, you are protected by the Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention.

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