Buying YouTube Likes: Is It A Good Practice Or Not?

YouTube is the most important viewing platform of the moment. With its large number of users, it represents a business opportunity for entrepreneurs. However, to be visible there, some strategies like buying YouTube likes are used. However, buying YouTube likes is not always appropriate for a YouTube channel. Find out the reasons for this here.

About YouTube likes

YouTube likes are the "likes" received by a video posted on YouTube. They indicate the number of people who liked the video. The more likes there are on a video, the more it is considered relevant by Internet users. Blue thumbs are crucial for the visibility of your videos. Knowing that YouTube was bought by Google and that today, YouTube videos are part of the results of search pages, it becomes essential to refine the referencing of its videos. And to achieve this, YouTube likes are the best means.

Why do some resort to buying YouTube likes?

When you start on YouTube, you don't always have enough subscribers. It must be recognized that new YouTube channels need time to have subscribers. Already it is difficult for them to get a lot of views! So, to optimize their YouTube channels, some Youtubers tend to resort to a rather easy solution. They prefer to buy like youtube. This solution allows them to boost a video by making it attractive to different search engines and YouTube algorithms. This not only has the effect of increasing the number of likes, but also the number of views. However, this practice is not the most advisable.

Why Avoid Buying YouTube Likes?

Buying YouTube likes is not a free solution. It has a price and does not offer a satisfactory solution at all levels. Indeed, resorting to the purchase of YouTube likes misleads search engines which then deem your content relevant. If the latter is really relevant, it will gain popularity. However, the option of buying YouTube likes can mislead you in that if your YouTube contents are not of quality, you might not know it in time because of the fake thumbs you get.

Also, likes can fool YouTube's algorithms, but not humans. They will quickly realize that your content is not of quality (if it is not). And there, the opposite effect will take place with a lot of "dislike" and "unsubscribe". What is not good for your E-reputation.

On the other hand, fake YouTube likes are one-time (i.e. without real engagement), unlike real likes from interested people. Also, purchased likes will only repeat with a new purchase. However, a person who naturally likes your video can click on the bell to become one of your subscribers, which is rarely the case with purchased YouTube likes.

These are all reasons why it's bad to resort to buying YouTube likes to boost a video. Not only is it expensive, but it doesn't add real value to the video.

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