Blended Learning, These Trainings Which Combine Face-to-Face Courses And E-learning

The quality of training is undoubtedly an essential point for the competitiveness of companies. Knowing how to move the collective forward by updating everyone's skills or integrating new techniques into the background of your employees is indeed a powerful lever for optimizing processes. The choice of learning method is therefore very important. Let's see together what blended learning is, this type of training that combines face-to-face courses and e-learning.

What is blended learning?

There are many training methods. According to the organizations or stakeholders, lessons can be transmitted in different forms and use very different technical vectors. The quality of the speaker's speech is of course essential in the proper transmission of the know-how or interpersonal skills in question, but the importance that the type of technique used can take on should not be minimized either.

Blended learning is unique in that it combines face-to-face courses and e-learning. This fruitful mixture makes it possible to create time-spaces dedicated to training that go far beyond the strict framework of the intervention. A Blended learning agency will be able to offer its clients flexible learning methods here, allowing for example to follow classic courses in a training center before supplementing with videoconference modules for example.

The benefits of blended learning

The most essential advantage of blended learning is certainly its adaptability. At a renowned digital agency like Nell & Associés, we very quickly understood how this powerful vector for transmitting knowledge could help companies become more efficient in their chosen field. By combining face-to-face courses and e-learning, we extract the best of what is best in training, while maintaining real freedom in terms of the pace of integration of learning.

In the part consisting of face-to-face lessons, you can first acquire the basics and then confront others under the guidance of a benevolent trainer who is ready to redirect you in the right direction if necessary. Then, resources, modules or online courses will complete the training, allowing everyone to study whenever they want. A perfect mix to ensure the lasting assimilation of knowledge!

Face-to-face and e-learning courses for you and your employees

Even better, blended learning is also an often more economical option for companies. However, in a context of increased competition but also of latent economic crisis, there is no question of blowing up its budget. Mixing face-to-face and e-learning courses therefore ensures that your employees become better, more competitive, more efficient and safer without having to break the bank!

Training will always be the real driver of business innovation. If you can always become a consultant without a diploma, it is almost impossible to learn on your own in fields as precise and specialized as digital for example.

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